When to flower these? 1000w 4x4 tent - Widow + Big Bang

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mr4tune, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone!

    x3 White WidowXBig Bud, x3 Big Bang, all fem, all are 30 days old from seed
    1000w HPS (MH broke)
    4x4 tent
    73-79 /w 40% Humidity
    Technaflora Recipe for Success Starter kit (at 1/2 strength as of last night)
    2gal Pots

    I started following LBH's 4-Way LST Tutorial, and topped the 5th, but the branches are not long enough to get pinned down yet.

    Had problems with fungus gnats (sand put down), and applied way too much doktor doom and left the girls under the lights for 12 more hours :( So leaves took a hit. Also had Ph problems from not add lime to mix before hand.

    When should I repot these to the final 5gal's?

    With the size of my tent and space, and size of 5gal's, when should i flower?

  2. Sorry, heights are 9 - 10 inches each.
  3. yes you should repot them into 5 gallon containers for sure. I would say 2 maybe 3 weeks more veg but i am no expert im used to growing shorter plants then you will have to. It really depends on how much they grow after you set them into 12/12.
  4. This is the perfect time to flower them and leave them in the 8'' or 2 gallon pots! Give them 30 hours of darkness before starting the 12h/12h! That looks like a Skunk strain! I would make some clone. Two clones from each and tag them so you know which one to continue once your crop is done.

    Looks like your from Canada with those nice Rona containers :smoke:
  5. You got some ph issues man.
  6. Wow ph problem? Thanks for the tip man. I mentioned that in the very first post.

    Ph is great now, as indicated by new growth and ph pen that finally showed up. Finished trans into 5gals earlier this morning. See what they do in those.

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