when to flower sativa strains?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by michaelde, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. hello
    this is my first grow. I'm growing hawaiian snow, super lemon haze and pure kush. when should I start to flower if I don't want the slh and the hws final heights to be more than 35 inch (90 cm)?
  2. start 12/12 when the plants reach around 12-16"
  3. is it ok to flower before pre flowering?
    the pk is already about 18 inches (it's a female).
    the hws is about 13.5 inches and the slh 9 inches. both of them didn't pre flower yet, and I heard that the hws really streches up.
    all of the plants are about little bit more than 1 month from seed. what should I do?? I'm really afraid that I won't have enough space in my tent.
  4. Flowering wont start until the plant is ready, if your worried then out them into 12/12 now but it could take a week or two before they flower. You can always do some trainning if they are going to get to big, you could do some LST, super cropping or topp them. You could train them now and then give them a week or so to recover before flipping the switch :)
  5. Now I see that I forgot to mention that I've heard that if you'll start 12/12 before pre flowering you'll stress the plant, and then there is a bigger chance the the plants will become hermies, especially slh... so I still should start 12/12 now before pre flower?
  6. You can switch to 12/12 when ever you like, some people do 12/12 from seed.

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