When to flower have limited space

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  1. Well I'm doin a shoebox grow.Need to know when to start flowering, don't want my plant to outgrow my box. Here's a picture.

  2. That doesn not look like a healthy plant...take some pics of this shoebox grow? How tall is it? How much light is the plant getting (CFL I would guess), and what does your ventilation look like?

    Is this autoflower or photoperiod plant? Is this bagseed? The more I know, the better I can help you.

    Also what is your pot size, how often do you feed her with nutrients, etc?

    *It's photoperiod after reading your post again, my bad, I must have read over that.
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    I'm going to buy sum cooling fans tomarrow and sum bloom nutes. I have sum holes at the bottom of the foil and it sits on a ac vent.And this is a bagseed.I give it 18 hrs of light a day and 6 dark. The reason y she dosent look so healthy is because I topped her too early an she's recovering.
  4. deff need to get them lights closer n you shouldnt be using any nutes until week 2 (unless your doing hydro) and that includes nutes that are in your soil make sure you look for and N-P-K on the bag....
  5. dont give it any bloom nute until youre actually flowering. also, if thats tin foil youre using try to make it less creased, i think the wrinkling develops hot spots
  6. When should I start flowering with my limited space?????....
  7. a plant can double or even triple when it goes threw the stretching stage(usually 1st and maybe even 2nd week of flowering) hope this helps.......

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