when to flower, co2 is it really needed

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  1. hello guys first post lots of great reading here almost too much get lost sometimes reading all this info.....
    here where I'm at i got 4 starters(all female)from a buddy doing a hydro set-up
    2 KIA and 2 moby dick
    and I had nuthin, no soil no pots no room no lights
    so first I hastily bought 8 2"x2"x8' sticks and a sheet of 1/2"plywood made a 4'x4'x7' frame cut the plywood in half and attached to the top and bottom
    then I covered it with black/white material.
    I bought 4 7gal smartpots(not sure about these) and put in 5 gal of foxfarm soil each
    got em in soil, then I needed a light, I put in a 48" parabolic hood 400w
    took about a week until the little guys started to look happy after going from water to soil but it was getting too hot so i put a portable ac unit in my tent and it held at 8o degrees, down from 95 but i think that was sucking all the moisture out of the tent so I just took that out and put in an inline fan and no air purifier as I live pretty far from anyone I haven't worried about the smell yet.
    well here I am at about week 7 and they are looking pretty healthy,the KIA are about 2 ft high and the moby are about 18" they drink a lot more than I anticipated I keep reading don't over water but they run dry in 2 days, is that due to the smart pots? I'm using general organics go box for food.I use the food every other other watering? I didn't prune or tie em down or anything and they look pretty bushy(moby more bushy then the KIA) do i need to, is it too late?
    when do i switch my bulb/timers to a 12/12 how can you tell it's time to do that?
    the growing seems to have stalled, not really getting any bigger.
    will the smell greatly increase to where you can smell it 50 yards from my house in flower stage?and do i really need to boost my co2?
    sorry no pics my phone is a pos, broken touch screen
  2. Co2 is only needed for sealed rooms with no way for new air to get in and IMO 4 plants will not need it

    You can flower when you want there's no time limit on any of this I do not veg at all with seeds or clones when you flower you should expect double the size when there done

    The smell is you exhaust going straight out side if so you might need a filter the only way is to flower and see how it goes

    The pots they are good pots but yes they do t retain water very well
  3. I've been fine without co2 for years. High temps and stagnant rooms can use co2 but if your moving and replacing the air in there your fine. It probably does make a difference but its probably a pain in the ass to deal with also. I always wondered about using a spaghetti line with holes in it to pump oxygen to the roots. Since the roots love o2. Welcome to Gc by the way
    And just wait brother. The smell is gonna be insane. Sometimes they get so stinky it can get to you. Your clothes will smell like herb. I have a carbon filter in my room so there's no smell whatsoever. But if I pull a flowering plant out of the room for five minutes you can smell it all over the house. It's rediculous
  4. I also am using a smart pot five gallon this time around. Just one to see. I can water twice as fast as the plastic five gals
  5. thanks guys sounds like money will be better spent to control the exhaust smells than the co2, gonna read up on that now, maybe i'll make my own filter.

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