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When To Flower?..and Nutes Help please.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by actont2001, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Okay so My plants Just turned 1 Month Old! (Happy BirthDay babies)!

    I am currently growing (3) AK-48 in a Hydro Drip system (Aerogarden). They have not shown any signs of sex as of yet.

    Plant #1 is 20 Inches and has 12 Nodes (pretty sure this one is gonna be a male).

    Plant #2 is 14 Inches and has 8 Nodes.

    Plant #3 is 11 Inches and has 16 Nodes (Very Bushy)

    I am currently running 4 CFL's around them (I honestly do not know why people knock CFL's as they are doing VERY well with these)

    2 CFL's = 6500k = 25W
    2 CFL's = 5000k = 23W

    I am NOT limited for space in any manner. (well, 8 Feet)
    PPM consistant at 650
    PH at 5.7

    I have a HPS 400W coming soon..just ordered it.

    Can I let these get bigger yet, or am I pushing the Veg stage as the reservoir only holds 1 GAL of water?..Lights are now on 18/6.

    Also, when I switch to Flowering..what Nutes should I use?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.. Thanks a bunch.
  2. no way of knowing if thats a male until it shows sex :) while its believed males get taller to spread pollen, its not noticible at such early stages that couldnt be accounted for by random DNA changes :)

    CFLs are OK but youll see the difference when you get you HPS :D

    if youre not limited to space start making your 5 gallon resevoirs!

    Flower with whatever you feel comfortable with. I use Sensi A&B Bloom by Advanced Nutrients and NEVER adjust Ph. Its almost too easy. You can use something else without Ph Perfect if you want to get in there and adjust more often

    good luck
  3. I'm growing berry bomb in an aerogarden ultra and the nutes they gave me are working fine. Already count 12 or so bud sights at day38.

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