When to flip your plants from veg to flowering

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  1. I have researched this ,there are many different opinions when this should happen,I'm more confused that ever.
    I want to flip as soon as possible to maximise yield and keep the overall time period as short as I can to get started on the next grow.
    My tent is 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m,I will be using feminised great white seeds in soil ?

    Anybody help? Cheers

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    Everyone flips them differently depending on their grow and set up. You'll almost never get the same answer. Some want big plants, some want small. Plus different plants grow at different rates. And aggressive sativa could easily be twice as tall as others vegged for the same amount of time
  3. the answer is whenever you want.

    expect them to stretch 3x the height if you don't know the strain details and veg as long as you need to fill your space.
  4. There is a minimum time, because the plant has to be mature enough to actually start flowering.  Although you can start 12/12 from seed, the plant will not begin to flower for a couple of weeks anyway and during that time you could have had more veg growth.  Depending on how well they grow, minimum veg time is going to be 2-3 weeks
    To maximise yield, you need to grow them long enough to do something like top them or a little bit of LST.  When they are small plants, every day of growth is a significant increase in the plant so it can be worth waiting an extra 7-10 days. It could be the difference between 0.5oz and 1.5oz per plant for waiting an extra week or two. You have plenty of space to let them fill out a bit.
  5. To grow big trees you need big space mate. In a 2 m tent I wouldn't recommend much more than 8 weeks of veg time.....that's how long I gave mine last time and 4 of them ended up hitting against the cooltubes for the last few weeks of flower. :(

    For maximum yield, you can do things like top, lst, scrog etc, all handy techniques to use if you do extend the veg time too.

  6. Definitely depends on the height of your grow space. BUT I generally flip the lights to 12/12 when the canopy has filled the grow space. Easy.


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  7. I do it when there at the point i think yeah if i dont flowrr now it will be to big haha i donr pbotos before this one and i was so impressed with growth and being a noob at the time.let them grow flipped them and they got wayyyy to big so recomenations are
    1/3 total plant height as plants(sativa mainly) can grow up to 3 times the size they are before you flip indicas genrally upto double.

    Lst/topping can help get bigger plant less height.

    Mine had pre flowered before i flipped once they pre flower it means there ready to flower :)

    My photos before flip 1422786769497.jpg

    About 2 weeks later 1422786805448.jpg

    Hope this helps

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