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    So I have a clone that's stuck to a 5 gallon DWC bubble bucket as it is a pilot project, just wondering when I should flip to flower to prevent problems associated with not having a ressivoir. I will be trying to change the water every 7-10 days but noticed already that scum is forming on the air lines

    Right now the root mass is maybe an eight of the bucket, I'm thinking like half the bucket being filled befor flowering it out?
  2. I started flowering at about 5 weeks from sprout, my roots are exploding out of my net pots but idk if I'd say it's 1/8th of my bucket. My girls were slightly stunted with root rot for a just couple days 2 different times during veg, but as a result of that they seemed to bush out a lot more, so I might intentionally give root rot to future grows. About a week after topping them they'd recovered, each plant had 6 nodes that had grown into good heads, so I flipped to 12/12 at the end of week 5 veg. For me it was about how bushy the plant was, and I'm expecting it to stretch double it's current height and it's definitely been stretching since I flipped it. The last couple weeks of growth have been exciting to watch vs the "paint drying" first month of veg.

    If you wait until your root mass is half the bucket before you start flower, you're looking at 50-70 days of flowering and your roots will probably finish filling that bucket in 20-30 days especially if you use rhizo/myc bacteria in your rootzone. If you got the space and the time and the plant is looking good, get an 8gal bucket.

    If you still have trouble deciding if you should flip, post pictures of the plant, it's roots, and the grow space - also lmk the strain.
  3. ya I think its coming up to be a month old soon. i guess if the mass atleast doubles I will flower it( fill 1/4 of the 5 gallon)

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  4. Yeah you should see a lot of growth over the next week or two, up the nutes if you haven't recently. It'll probably double it's height during 12/12 so if you don't have a very high ceiling in your grow space be sure to flip it before it gets too tall. My seeds vegged for 42 days I'm about 5 days into flowering, there were in total about 7 days of stunted growth due to root rot, reservoir changes, and trimming/topping.

    JULY18-1.jpg JULY18-2.jpg
  5. ya my nutes are just up over half strength along with 1/5th strength humic acid, kelp and b1 seaweed extract. ya I got the mother plant in the flower tent so I'm probably going to hold over for another couple weeks since it would need to triple in height to be at canopy with itself.... he he
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    Dam I think I've over shot on the roots buggers almost got a third of the bucket filled. Will be putting into flower this week, but I'm not sure if she is having enough nutes. Compared to the other clones and the mother that are in soil and are alot darker green. So I'm not to sure if it's DWC, lack of nutes.

    Edit; forgot to mention I added monster bloom at 1/4 tsp and she is ever so a little darker.
  7. looking good. couldn't help to notice your see through pails, the light getting through might be an issue
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  8. so some time has past. I find that using an enzyme rids the sludge build up on the walls and bottom. 1 month veg for a 5 gallon is perfect. well scary compared to soil in growth, but okay in the sense of it doesn't drink too much in a day to cause the ph to swing to badly.

    overall the plant maybe doubled it's root mass. and bushed out 5x her veg matter, bout 4x her height
  9. I like Botanicare Hydroguard. I haven't had root rot or growth problems in my res since I've been using it.

    As far as when to flip, I don't like going by a time frame. Every plant grows different including clones of the same plant. I bud it when it's the size I want. I find with led growing The stretch only adds about 50% more height to the plant. Train it wide, lollipop from the bottom, and flower it when you gauge that it's going to run you to the max of your headroom. If you end up running out you can always supercrop the tallest tops up to about 3-4 weeks in flower.

    That's how I get over 10oz plants.

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