When to fertilize using Miracle Grow Moisture Control Soil?

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  1. I started with miracle grow moisture lock and now i need to know when to start feeding i gave them 1tbsp in 1/2 gallon yesterday and im wondering if im giving to much already right now their about 1ft tall

  2. i think i've used that soil before... burned the hell outa my seedling only a few made it (2 outa 10) dont use any fert for the first few weeks it already had fert it it...
  3. Never, no one on here is going to have anything good to say about ANY MG products. Take it back and get something from another company.
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    Check the cotyledons like you normally would to decide when to start feeding. You are a bit heavier on the first feeding than I would be.

    I generally start with 1/4 tbsp per gallon in the beginning and step up to full dosage, especially if not familiar with the strain being grown.
    That's not true. My gallery shows the product of Miracle Grow products. Not good to over generalize, as a rule. ;)
  5. that feeding really boost them up quick one plant almost 4in. in 2 days and the other one just came out of its illness and is looke 1000x better after i fed it

    BUT when do i need to feed again like that? just when the soil dries out? the MG garden soil i got wont dry out for about a week because its got horrible drainage and the water just kinda chills till it gets used except the top layer

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