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  1. This is my first grow. I’m using FF Ocean. Still in seedling stage. I’ve opted to go for FF trio of nutes as well. My question is when should I start the feeding schedule. I know the soil has nutrients in it so it doesn’t seem smart to feed as seedlings. So how long should i wait? A week? A month? Image1511753823.942736.jpg

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  2. At least a couple weeks after they are in their final pots.
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  3. As you pot up the soil will have fresh nutes in it. I didn't have to use nutes untill, like said above, a couple weeks after it was in its final pot. I went from cup to 3gal to 5 gal.
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  4. Once your leaves reach the edge of the cup transplant. Ffof has alot of nutrients so based on a 5 gal container they will not need nutes but twice in a 5-6 week veg. But you will want to give em cal mag every so often. Once you reach flower nute water nute water water nute fallow that and ease off if your getting alot of burn but sometimes you wanna see the tips burn to ensure you have enough. Weeks 4-8 heavy feeding along with molasses cal mag periodically then weeks 8-10 just water. I use ff soil n nutes and silica blast and calmag thats all. 1512142493421.jpg
  5. I didn’t purchase any cal mag. Only FF trio. I’m guessing i should go get some.

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  6. Ffof is a good soil but also very hot. It's has all nutrient need for nute for a month of the plants life. We all like to play with nutesit's exciting. But u should hole off for a month. Also b sure to get the ff big bloom it is more like a organic tea then a npk

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