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  1. First attempt in coco (Canna 100% plus) and been using distilled water so far.
    Seeds are BF Critical Kush and picture below was taking today and we are at 13 days since I popped them in water to germ.
    Im awaiting a PH and EC meter from a mate so not fed any nutes yet but I have Canna A/B and Rhizotonic sat ready and waiting.
    Got them under a 2ft Lightwave T5 x4.
    When would you lot start feeding? Few say straight away yet some say wait until the cotyledons start to die off.


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  2. lol when i presoak my grodan i have a 1ml/ L of sensi grow added, so i start before the seed is born and i've never had ANY burns or negative at all, it's all about moderation
  3. Im also running bf critical kush hows everything turning out?

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  4. yup just start round 200ppm and go from there

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