When to feed seedlings

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  1. How do I know when its ok to start giving them food and should it be 1/4 strength


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  2. never. you never need to feed a seedling. once it begins veg phase you can begin feeding 1/4 strength. browse some stickies they are very helpful
  3. Yea like the guy above me said that's a big no no. The absolute minimum time to wait before adding nutes is 2 weeks. But I've tested that theory and gave 2 plants nutes at 2 weeks and another 2 plants I've just plain watered. I noticed no difference at all in growth or health until about a month or so into growth the non-nute plants just started to droop alittle and not look as green. So I started adding nutes to those 2 as well about a month and 4 days into growth.
  4. They have been cooling for a week I believe and have real leaves not the fresh germ seeds I 4got the word

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  5. Might wan't to fix your stretching issue before worrying about when to feed them...
  6. Soil has food in it. Feed when they show they are hungry. Usually that shows up in lower leaves in veg as a nitrogen deficiency. 
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    so shoot with a solution then cuz idk what to do, they are directly under a shop light now where as directly after germ i put it in thre and it was few feet above them,i dont have no lights smaller than 1000 watt how far up should the dirt come up to the green part
  8. Usually 2-3 weeks no nutes then for your first nute feeding like mentioned start at 25% mix strength. That's usualy when they start growing one 3 bladed leaf set then a 5 bladed leaf set is when their ready for nutes. You can transplant them to with in an inch of the bottom round leaves to deal with the stretching. You need your lights closer that's what causes stretching. As for your 1000 watt grow light I would wait till there on there set of 5 bladed leaves before putting them under it. How far to place the light above your plants can vary by how well you have control of the heat in your grow area also having a small fan blowing air on the plants around canopy level will help with heat and also help strengthen the plants stems and stalk. Usualy start out about 2 feet above your plants with HID lighting.
  9. so should i just go into red cups with your suggestion or go to pots, in the end they will be in 5 gallon smart pots but thank you all for your suggestions
  10. Usually when you transplant you go into a bigger grow container or you can get some intermediate size pots if you don't want to go into 5 gallon ones right away, that's what I do.
  11. I put my seeds in straight peat moss. Once they pop I give them a micrpbe tea, worm castings and molasses bubbled for 24-36 hours. Their next watering is another tea of N guano, kelp, alfalfa and worm castings and keep that up. You would be wise to follow this regiment. Bottled nutes are for the braindead. This way would never harm or burn ur plants and u would not believe the lush growth you see after each dosage.

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    thats true normally but in this case i know the roots havent filled the red cups im just trying to fix this stretching problem
    i go from red cup to 5 gal smart pot but i never had a stretching issue b4
  13. Yeah wouldn't be a problem going from red cup to another red cup to deal with the stretching issue.
  14. Should feed at around 3 weeks.  When the cotyledon (those very first round leaves) turn yellow is when you should start introducing nutes.
    perfect here is some progress 20131001_103058.jpg
  16. As soon as the first two sets of starter leaves start dying off is a good time to start feeding at a weaker mix raito then what the manufacturer recommends.
  17. heres a litle update 50% nutrient solution
  18. heres a litle update 50% nutrient solution

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  19. There looking good &  healthy so far.
  20. Thanx bud for replying lets me know im back on the right track

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