when to feed nutrients ?

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  1. hi my lemon haze is nearly two months old and seems to be growing slow it was under a 85 watt CFL up until one week ago. Now I changed my lights over to a led 600 watt full sprectum light it's on 18 hours light 6 hours rest and the light is 20 inches from the plant.
    Since I changed to the led it's looking much better and is growing better can anyone tell me when or how I will know to give it nutrients ? and what the ph should be with nutrients ? and how many times do I give it nutrients a week please thanks check the pictures let me know what you think ?

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  2. As far as nutes, if you are using good organic soil a plant that size can wait awhile longer. Your light looks a little far away to me. Shouldn't it be around 18 inches? How often you feed depends on what you are using. For example Nectar for the Gods recommends every watering while Foxfarm usually says once a week.
    If your plant is growing better now great, just stay away from Miracle Grow anything!

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  3. Thanks mate

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