When to feed...killed them with kindness last time..

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  1. Folks,

    Lost my first crop due to giving them some high quality 9-45-9 water soluble diluted fertilizer. With the rate that these government seeds germinate, I cannot afford to lose more :). They also grow slowly.

    Here are some pictures. Should I fertilize now or wait a week or two more. Someone said that I needed 5 sets of distinct leaves before I do anything.

    Humidity - just over 50 %
    70 degrees
    18 hours of two different wavelength of light
    distilled water and excellent growing medium.
    oscillating fan on with light.

    What do you think ?



  2. They are fine for now. Excellent media tells us nothing, what kind of soil is it? That will determine when to feed. Also, if they are under hid lighting, they will need transplanted soon and the plants may be able to feed off the new soil for an extra week or so unless its cheap crappy soil.
  3. if you want wait this time till they tell you they hungry. start to droop and turn a lil yellow. but dont let it get to far
  4. I dont use peat pots anymore for seedlings, they tend to mold to easily.
  5. [quote name='"tplat"']I dont use peat pots anymore for seedlings, they tend to mold to easily.[/quote]

    They seem to inhibit root growth as well.
  6. The soil is Green World Professional Mix WPW30. I cannot do hydroponics here.

    I have 3 (2 bulb) florescent light units that I use so I can essential adjust for all my plants. Two different wavelength bulbs. No HID lights until they hit the budding room.

    No molding problems. Should I seed directly into a 4*4 pot ?

    Aren't they early for transplant again ? ..if not, what size pot should I move to next ?

    When I do start to fertilize. Should I start off with a less than 50% normal solution and how many time a day or week ? Because of the fan/lights, I am watering 2 times a day.

    Thanks, Grassy

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