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  1. I'm about 5 weeks into flowering 12/12 and I'd say about 60-70% of the white hairs have turned red/brown. I've read that 90% is ideal and I don't have a microscope so I can't really check the trichomes. Anyone that could take a look and give me some input on when I should cut it down it would be greatly appreciated.. this is my second grow but my first one that I've gotten all the way through flowering. Also when trying to dry the plant out towards the end of flowering should I just water it enough to not droop? Or should I let it droop and just dry out completely?


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  2. looks like you have over 3 weeks left
  3. Really? So 3 more weeks of flowering then cut it... should I use nutes a couple more times before I try to flush it completely? I've heard you should set about ten days for all the nutes to be out towards the end of flowering.
  4. I'd say do a week and a half more of nutes then flush and let it go another two weeks
  5. So it's been about two weeks and she's looking nice and plump.. However it seems like there are more white hairs than there were before. I don't know if I have just had that much new growth or what. I was thinking of going into my 72 hrs of dark starting friday since ive been flushing for about a week now but I'm not sure it is ready. I'll post a new pic tonight when I get home from work.
  6. what lighting you using? i would say from your first pic, 5 weeks would be needed.

    get a scope dude, its the best way and wont mean an early chop
  7. what everyone else said and you already know...a scope is required to grow primo dankity nugz...just go to Radio Shack and get the $12 one thats 60x-100x with a LED light...or go online and get a 30x Jewelers Loupe with a light...or get the 420 Scope those look pretty slick

    if you harvest at the correct time you can get rid of 1 little g to pay this investment back off
  8. Here we are at 8 weeks flowering now... been flushing on only water for 2 weeks and looks like i'm starting to lose my fan leaves.. getting near the end I think? Buds look nice but i'm thinking it still needs a little time? Also the green leaves appear to have a glossy look to them.. not sure what this is or if its anything at all?

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  9. looks like you can go another week atleast
  10. id say 7-10 days is good

    looking good dude
  11. here it was tonight.. thinking i might just cut the timer and put it into 72hrs of dark starting tomorrow.. does it look ready?

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  12. Anyone have any input? Thinking I'll start tonight.. Posting a picture later tonight.

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