When to change to flowering feed??

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  1. First off I have a grow journal. "Va potluck " and most of my stuff has been posted there. My question is, when doin start converting over to flowering feed. I've been running sensi grow A and B for the veg state, but two of my 5 are starting to show signs of flowering now. I plan on running Fox Farm Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. But I'm not sure how much or which one to run when. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. I ride in 10 days using the Veg a and b THEN switch over to flower formula ...I used to use GH 3 part series which has a "transition" formula ..but after ALOT of years realized there was no difference just swapping it day 10 was perfect ....good luck ..


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  3. I use Fox farm, they have a feeding chart on their website that tells you what to use/when to use it. They have one for soil, hydro, and Coco so make sure you look at the correct one. If you use Fox farm nutes, you'll at least want both big bloom and tiger bloom. After stretch I gradually increase up to 50% of what the feeding chart says.
  4. I'm introducing bloom nutes once the stretch starts to slow down somewhere in the end of week 2 and beginning of week 4. I let it eat all or as much of the nutes in the soil as possible that way I can start with new ratios. Saves me money too. Have noticed no diff. My friend used bigbud on his and his nugs literally look exactly the same as mine. Same clones from same mother plant too. Literally no diff minus the lighter wallet
  5. Fox farm has a feeding schedual that works for most plants my nitro express on the other hand I have to double the dosage.
  6. But wait ten days and slowly switch over add a couple ml of cal mag every other watering

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