When to change light schedual / leaf discoloration or burn?

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  1. Hey there guys im new to the site and im currently trying my first grow, im growing amnesia and this beautiful plant is 28 days old and i was wondering when will it be best to switch my lighting schedual to 12/12 for flower? & also there appears to be some kind of discoloration or leafs burn on some of my fan leafs, what could be the cause for that and should i worry about it? Usual burns start start with the tips but this one seems to be starting from the middle. Thank you. (Will try to get pictures posted)
  2. Yeah, pics would help for sure.....as far as flipping the lights.....TOTALLY up to you...are you in a hurry to get it...flip it now....wanna nurture it a bit and let it grow and THEN flip....you'll be much happier with the yield I would think.
  3. Just figured out how to post pics lol and yeah i was thinking about waiting as long as possible before switching it over
  4. HOLY Stretch Armstrong!! I dunno if you have ever heard of LST - Low Stress Training....but I suggest you look into it.....it will vastly improve the yield of your plant......plus its fun! :love-m3j:

    If you are interested....I currently have a grow journal going of an autoflower...but I am using LST while growing it, if you wanna check it out.....ILGM - White Widow Auto
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  5. Do you have drainage holes in that bucket?
  6. You change to the flower light cycle when your plant is filling the flower space wall to wall and you believe it's trained and grown enough to maximize the potential of the flower light you're using.

    That's not burn. It's deficiency in phosphorus. Could be caused by PH being off. It's also very minor. When a plant gets some age it's normal for it to start to discolor on some of the bottom leaves where the plant almost automatically prunes itself from the bottom up. They do this throughout flower where they shed leaves from the bottom after they discolor first.

    Plant looks pretty good. You need to work on your training to maximize your crops. Indoors we have a very narrow range that gets the best light output. It's maybe 12"-18" deep depending on the light. Everything further away then that gets subpar development from lack of light. Not training a plant indoor is going to get you minimal yields.

    You want to shape a plant so the majority of it's foliage is concentrated in the narrow zone at the correct distance from the light where it will get the best output. When you have a tall untrained plant like that indoors only the tallest main top with have correct distance to the best light.

    Supercropping is my favorite training method. If that scares you then use some string and just LST that tall top down horizontal as low as you can to get the plant to bush out and even up on the top. Once those mid level tops are getting the same light as the tallest one the plant will rearrange it's shape. It could double your harvest if done correctly easy.
    Super Cropping Marijuana: Simple Secret to Bigger Yields | Grow Weed Easy

    This picture is worth 1,000 words.
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  7. Nice little pic there Tbone:thumbsup:
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  8. Courtesy of Growweedeasy but that pic is genius. I've shared it hundreds of times. It's a clear reason why training the top canopy flat/wide and lollipoping no matter what training method you use results in a giant increase in yield indoors.
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  9. Do you include autos in that statement?
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  10. I would say so but I have heard they are harder to train. I would still say training over no training indoors can easily double harvest Auto or not.

    I bet they would do well with LST or supercropping with some lollipopping.
  11. The only people that argue against training are outdoor growers because they don't understand that outside the light output intensity number a leaf group gets near the floor is exactly the same as the top of the plant. The numbers from the sun are identical no matter a difference of 6 feet or so.

    Indoors this is very far from the case. Even with as little as 30" away from many lights you're completely out of the minimal light levels for flower which is around 300umol. Less then that gets incomplete photosynthesis. It results in underdeveloped buds that never get any size but rob growth energy from the parts of the plant on the top in the best light that are doing well. Removing parts of the plant in shadows that will be underdeveloped anyway can also increase your harvest.
  12. Thanks alot dude i really appreciate that advice, so is it better to prune from the top or bottom? Or alittle of both? LST and supercropping are something I will have to look into more but i will probably definately consider it for my next grow. And do you think i will for sure have to invest in some type of canopy?
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  14. Yes i do have drainage holes
  15. Prune from the bottom up always to remove growth in shadows and increase air flow/light penetration. Strong main growth I never remove. I train it sideways using supercropping until the top makes a relatively even bush wall to wall. I let a few stretch in the back. IMG_1173.JPG
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  16. IMG_7921.JPG IMG_7928.JPG IMG_7929.JPG IMG_7930.JPG IMG_7923.JPG how did i do for a first timer? or did i completely butcher my plant? i personally dont think i did to bad because she seemed alot happier afterwards and also does anyone have any experience with these viparspectra 300w lights? just wondering if they were worth buying or if i should of invested more into it but it is also only being used for one plant (was thankfully able to get some better quality pictures)
  17. I thought you were going to bend that main top over? The vipar300 is a decent starter light. Better then CFL's but there is better lights out there for sure. Depending on your goals for your grow like supplying all your own personal bud you'll probably want to upgrade to a different light but the vipar is a good veg light.

    Consider getting a newer more powerful blooming light with a tent sized to it's footprint and using the viparspectra 300 to run a separate veg area.
  18. looks awesome for a first time. I'm a first timer too. I'm 5 weeks from harvest and I practiced a little Lst and here's my results so far.
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