When to change light cycle??

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  1. I've been growing this for 3-4 months? sometime after February. I have it on 18 hours light 6 hours dark and its an indoor plant. I was curious when do I change the light cycle?? and to what hours? This is my first ever pot plant and I'm really trying.

    Please no harsh words if I'm doing something wrong!! Thank you. ♥

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  2. Halfway of available light. At flip plant will stretch and then bloom.
    You are not growing leaves, you are growing flowers.
  3. Half available light meaning 12-12? and then I'll see the plant grow and bloom?

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  4. I'm a bit slow I feel stupid. Are you telling me to plant it in a smaller bucket? I just need to know when I should change the cycle and to what.. I don't know if its grown enough to do so or not.
  5. When should I change the light cycle.. is it ready..?
  6. Dude I dont know what is wrong but that is way small for 3 months. What light are you using?

    And what the other person was talking about is the stretch that happens when you flip to 12/12. You are not ready for that.
    Do some research on what lights to use for flowering

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  7. It sprouted April 29th.. I'm using a florescence light bulb not sure what watt but my friend said it was good for it.. I kinda wanna put it out door but I don't know if that will kill it. I think the sun would do more justice.

  8. Put it as close as possible. When switching to outdoors make sure you do it slowly giving the plant time to adjust to the brighter light

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  9. Do it slowly how? take it out some parts of the day and some indoor light? I'll try and get the light closer. I've also been watering it every 3 days is that to much or to low? it seems to be doing good.

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  10. Don't know about taking the plant outside, so I can't answer that. As for watering you're probably fine. To test water stick your finger in soil about halfway, if dry time to water if moist, wait.

    Side note, your plant is a little small for how long you've been growing. It should be placed closer to the light or buy a stronger light. If in a budget go with CFL or LED.

    You can switch to 12/12 at anytime but with how small the plant is and how weak the light is you would only get a couple of grams at best.

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  11. Your plant is so small it's like it hasn't even showed its gender yet so how would you even know it's a female? I would suggest start this grow over. Buy cfl lights at Walmart. If you're growing one plant get a package of four, 2700 lumen 23 watt cfl. Start with 18 hours light 6 dark. Be sure to place lights as close to plant as possible without touching the plant. I suggest 4 inches over leafs. As long as you keep your light cycle 18/6, your plant will stay in vegging stage. This is when you can clip branches and use for clones. Turn light cycle to 12/12 at least after a month in a half or two months to start flowering stage. I hope this is good info. And I suggest reading a bunch of threads before spending three months on your little plant when you could've had at least a foot tall plant. Good luck!

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  12. Did anything ever come from this grow?

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