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When times get hard, Does anyone here smoke resin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 504smoker, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I was just wondering ive ran across people that do and people that do not.. i was going to take a Poll on here to see on what percent of smokers will do this if need be..

  2. If it needs to be done, yes.
  3. i used to do it alll the time. now i vaporize, so i dont, but resin got me through a lot of hard times. in fact i used to buy spoons with big carbs and mouthpieces just so i could scrape em.
  4. i had a resin bowl the other day, i was high for a bit, then i got a headache so i prob just let the resin stay where it is.
  5. i have... i normally have weed tho... but ive been saving my rez and roaches... some day i will... when times are hard... or i can sell it to some dumbasses
  6. Yeah I have when I was out of weed (and wasnt going to be getting any that night). Hardly ever happens tho. Its pretty str8 tho. :smoke: I prefer the weed high but its whatever
  7. normally i roll my ball-o-rez' around in some shake.. and kief letf in my jars
  8. I refuse to smoke resin. Ever since I have started growing my own stash I just don't feel the need to stoop to the point of smoking something that tastes like complete shit. I used to smoke it back in the day though when I first started smoking and couldn't find any herbage.
  9. guilty. i do every once in awhile when i clean out my bowl..
  10. When no other options are available, yes.
  11. i would rather have pneumonia than smoke resin


    but nah i would just wait till i could get another sack and consider it a "t-break"

    that term makes me cringe
  12. whenever i clean i roll a nice res ball. why waste the thc?
  13. <<<<Resin smoker
  14. sorry, not me! i think many people know my stance on this :) hahahha

    but again, to each their own. i personally dont dislike the dry period, im rarely out though.
  15. indeed i will lower my standard to the occasional vapor whip resin in my hose. only time is, everytime i do this, i cut a chunk off to scape. it keeps it shorter.
  16. Whats up i'm new here...

    As far as smokin resin goes, I only do it in desparate times. It does give me a headache sometimes though

  17. theres like no thc in resin maybe a few weed flakes that fell through and got suck buts theres very little im sure theres some but like i said a tiny amount

    i dont smoke rezzen i usted to when i was younger and was between sacks but i just dont see the point in it tastes bad
    2. doesnt get me high
    3 annoying to smoke depending on the kind of rezzen you have, bowl resin aint bad but say wet bubbler or bong rezzen from a slide is nasty
    4. probley way worst to smoke rezzen then weed

    do what you want i just think its gross its just what i have to say
  18. Is that a fact there's no thc in resin? Cause it gets my feelin pretty good.

    Agreed though, definitely has to be hell on your lungs
  19. fuck resin hits man. I'm guilty though I've done it before, haven't we all?
  20. #20 Blutteufel, Feb 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2009

    There's enough to get you really fuckin' baked. Have you even tried smoking it?

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