"When they consume a mind-altering potion..." Living with the Machigenga

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    anybody heard of this show Mark and Olly Living with the Machigenga? just saw a commercial for the show's debut, and it says they take a mind altering potion.. anybody have any clue what it could be? i suppose i could research on substances the machigenga use spiritually and for ceremonies, but id rather leave it to imagination. i saw some tribal dude smashing what looked like bark, maybe we'll get to watch these dudes trip out on dmt? :smoking:

    edit: haa even better, its administered by a shaman who was banned from the tribe LOL
  2. i missed the episode, and i can't figure it out
  3. its black ayuasca, makes you puke and shit violently and has alot of DMT qualities I guess.

    I looked it up on erowid.. not much about it.
  4. yeah it was ayahuasca. It seemed like Olly has an ok time, but Mark didnt seem to like it.

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