When the weeds so good it makes your chest hurt.

Discussion in 'General' started by Vesna, May 1, 2015.

  1. So currently I have some really hairy bud and I love that feeling of your chest getting super tight after taking a hit of it.  Similar to the chest hit as a dab.  To me, that's how you know the bud is good.

  2. Congestion from increased smoke inhalation is your way of telling if weed is good? :confused: usually I go by smell, trichome amount , taste and high ...but that's just me . To each their own.
  3. Not congestion.  Just that good type of burn in the chest from a nice rip.
  4. Ive smoked so many different kinds of weeds that I can honestly tell just by smell alone.

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  5. I think that OP may be talking about what we used to call expando. You take a hit and the smoke expands in your lungs, similar to the way old world hash hits. Usually a sign of good herb.
    Yup, back in the day we used to say it expands your lungs.
  7. I've had my chest hurt a little, but that was from smoking 'chronic' :eek:
    OP, you must take killer bong rips :smoking:
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    Let me clarify what I meant haha.  First off I didn't mean to come off as saying that chest burning was the only indicator for good weed or not.  For me I tell quality by touch, smell, and the visibility of the trichs on the bud.  I was really baked when I made the post so apologies for causing unnecessary confusion [​IMG]
    Anyway when I pick up bud from the dispensary, I pick up a half every payday(2weeks) mix n matched with 2 quarters of different strains.  Every once in a while, I'll get a really really frosty strain (this one was Bruce Banner) and when I hit it it expands in my lungs to the point where you just get that good weed burn.  It feels exactly like taking a gigantic rip off of a whip vaporizer and then just waiting for the vapor to expand in your lungs.
    Anyway I really don't know why I made this but it rarely happens to me, every once in a while I'll have a strain that punches my lungs just wanted to see if anyone could relate.  Peace all thanks for the answers [​IMG]
  9. I know what you are talking about. Off a huge dab usually I'll get a lung punch and a face melt lol. it's a good feeling.

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