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When the green god smiles upon thee

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The green light, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I have been lurking for a while and have yet to find a thread that covers this topic, if I'm wrong feel free to kill the thread:

    Name an experience where you were absolutely dry with no hope in sight, and miraculously something or someone came through for you and you were gloriously hooked up with dank. You get extra points for the more unlikely the hook up, and the more comical the hijinks.

    I'll start:

    My friends and I were on a road trip up and down the west coast, and the last 600 miles we were dry with no chance of a refill until we hit Santa Cruz California. We had stopped at the border between Oregon and California to sleep the night at a friends pad, who had been dry a few weeks and was notoriously bad at keeping stocked (aka mooch). After arriving and unpacking our bags we took a walk down to the local park with a 32-pack of beers content to sip some brews under the northern California stars. I had just got done telling my British friend whom I called jeeves that I would give the entire 32 pack for a nice spliff, when out of the blue a weather beaten Subaru rolls into the parking lot, and three dreadlocked college kids hop out with eyes as red as the devils dick. We asked if they wanted any beers, and they obliged us. Smoking us out with some pretty nice purple kush. We even were able to buy a 20 sack to roll spliffs with on the way down the coast. It was glorious!

    Your turn!
  2. Mines not terribly extra ordinary but still cool. So I had been dry for about a week. It sucked. I was sitting outside Starbucks drinking some coffee when a dude I know just rolls up outta nowhere and is like get in man. So I do and he pulls out this sick roor steamroller and we take turns hitting it and then he dropped me back off at my car. Random as hell
  3. Probably happened to others, but I landed in Jamaica and was going to grab my luggage. This guy in a UPS shirt and cut-off shorts makes a straight line for me, yelling "Sir, I have your package! Your package that you requested be waiting for you at arrival!" I told him he had the wrong guy and he said, "No, see, here it is." Dude's in the airport baggage claim with a messenger bag full of buds. It was too sketchy for me, so I declined.
  4. I was in a complete different state hadn't smoked for a few days so I was like this shit is getting gay.
    Then out of nowhere a skinny man bearing a pony tale and no tshirt came sprinting down the street with a joint in his hand and for some reason stops at me then hand over the reefer and just kept running :hello:
    It was a decent sized joint and already lit
  5. Lol coulda gotten shot by some crazy dealer or something accepting that :p Or coulda had a messenger bag full of nice.

    I don't have many good stories.. Well, I haven't been able to get anything except regular headie stuff the past few days, but I just got back from picking up some insane no name sativa :D I'm very happy atm, can't stop calling people trying to find someone to chill.. but everyones being a little girl tonight :mad:.
  6. That has got to be the most fortuitous encounter I have ever read. Did you hear police sirens in the distance or anything?
  7. Haha nah man there were a few people round but no one chasing him.
    I was hoping he was just trippin balls off this joint but I didn't start running away from nothing.
    It did keep the wind in my sails however :)
  8. it was a lighter not bud, but...
    once me and my buddy had our bowl packed and ready to go. we had both smoked for a long time, but it was our first time smoking together as we had drifted apart. we searched everywhere for a light, even called a girl down the street we knew and asked if she had one. then, at 4:19 we found a lighter in his gas mask case hidden behind a little sign saying for emergency use only. it was awesome.

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