when the deal is going down...

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  1. when the deal is going down is it normally at ur dealers house or at ur house.
    ex:phone call

    me: "bla bla 8th of what ever"
    Deeealer: "got that. its good. bla bla bla" always making shit sound better than it really is.

    so at this point.
    where do you discuss the location?

    where does it usually go down for you?
    On the street?
    and whats an absolute "nono".

    And for the female tokers is it ever wierd buying by urself?
    I know I know, but seriously.
    do u ever feel extremely unsafe, i always get trusted friends to hook me up.
    I'v never done it myself..only bought for myslef once...and it was my best friends brother.
    Dont count.

    dont judge me!! Xp

  2. it was really weird for me to buy at school because I'm in a sorority so..everybody's just waiting for something to talk about...but outside of that environment...when i used to buy by myself i went to highschool with both of the guys so it wasnt that bad
  3. why did i quote you....
  4. he comes to my house and always tells me when he is about 1 min away and always ask if i want him to pull in the house in case somebody is home(hes a black guy in a dodge neon in a up class white neighborhood). for me a no no is from car to car on the road or anywhere ppl can see u. ive brought weapons before when pickin up, if somethin goes down im ready.
  5. fuckin walmart best place ever.
    and why does the dude above the dude above me have a black girls weave as his sig:confused:
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  6. LOL you're hilarious....im a female and I happen to love kinky twists...whats the problem?
  7. YES! ive done countless deals of all kinds in walmart parkin lots.
  8. Try to avoid your house, you can't trust some dealers (especially if they're already willing to break the law for money). Don't get in his car and have him drive somewhere, thats usually how rape starts. Just do it in a relatively public place, know your shit, and if anything goes down just, well scream.
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    Maybe I am just high but I am getting this wierd vibe from you, Casabay...... You posted the same thread in two different forums and the way you speak is......strange.
  10. ^^ Yea, I dont trust my dealers to know where I live. There kinda "gangster: type dudes.
    Last thing I need is to be caught up at my own spot

    But one dude, i just go to his his and get it, another guy I just tell him to meet me somewhere close
  11. Your 'deals' should always have a 'trusted' associate involved...sister, brother..you get the idea.
    'Deals', with unknown situations...people, locations, are not in your best interests.

    And without that experience, I can see the awkwardness of the ladies seeking some smoke. A shame...maybe legalization ,
  12. because i fuckin LOOOOOOVE black girls. thats it really no reason
  13. Classicc
  14. This is how it goes for me.

    Dude texts me every day (usually more than once) asking if I need any.

    I tell him I need an 8th.

    he drops it off at my house 15 minutes later and we smoke a bowl.

    If im ever meeting someone not at my house (rarely) it's usually at someones house/apartment. Never meet anyone in a parking lot thats wack.
  15. Never do it at your house, unless you absolutely trust this mofo.

    I suggest a mutual place, like a store parking lot, or the corner booth at McDonalds.

  16. you could just make friends with the guy you buy weed from so its never sketchy.

    Id much rather have my buds delivered to my front door than have to drive somewhere and do some shady parking lot deal where everyone in the parking lot who sees you knows exactly whats going down.
  17. Get a blade, I recommended a switch blade. You can find some that are quite effective and nice on the eyes. (even though until the zombies come a lot of the power of a weapon is intimidation).
  18. riight??
  19. didnt know wich tread to post it in...so ya =/
  20. shit i hop in cars and im like drive bitch, im always packing my knife, and i never pull out money before i see shit.

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