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when the deal is going down...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Casabay, May 17, 2010.

  1. #1 Casabay, May 17, 2010
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    when the deal is going down is it normally at ur dealers house or at ur house.
    ex: phone call

    me: "bla bla 8th of what ever"
    Deeealer: "got that. its good. bla bla bla" always making shit sound better than it really is.

    so at this point.
    where do you discuss the location?

    where does it usually go down for you?
    On the street?
    and whats an absolute "nono".

    And for the female tokers is it ever weird buying by urself?
    I know I know, but seriously.
    do u ever feel extremely unsafe, i always get trusted friends to hook me up.
    I'v never done it myself..only bought for myself once...and it was my best friends brother.
    Dont count.

    dont judge me!! Xp
  2. My most frequented dealer usually meets me by this path, texts/calls me when he gets there and I walk (20 seconds). But he was also a very good friend with my brother so I trust him and don't feel unsafe.
  3. First of all, buying cannabis is only ever as sketchy as your relationship with the person you're buying from, which you have already alluded to.

    If I were purchasing from someone I didn't know very well, or at all for that matter, I would not necessarily want them knowing my place of residence. The same can be said for the dealer. If they don't know you, they may not want you to know where they live for obvious security purposes.

    Best bet when engaging in transactions with people you don't know very well, is to find a very neutral public location where you both feel equally secure. Just suggest that, and no reasonable dealer would refuse you. They are used to it. If they are a sketched out kid, who gets all geeked out about meeting up, don't do business with them. Conduct yourself in a friendly but professional manner. Treat them with respect and they will treat you with respect. I think too often people forget that dealers are human as well.

    The best way to find a quality dealer is through word of mouth. Talk to your friends who smoke and see who has the reliable connections. Then try and see if you can be put in contact with them, or introduced. Soon you will have a mutually beneficial relationship.

    I almost never buy from someone I don't know at this point. Most of my dealers are my close friends, and whenever I pick up its usually a bit of quantity, so the dynamics are a bit different.

    As far as being a girl goes, I think its perfectly reasonable to be nervous. I mean you shouldn't view every person as a potential predator, but the reality is that if you are an attractive young woman, constant vigilance should be part of your vocabulary.
  4. It's usually at my house. I wake myself, usually so early that I make myself grumpy. Then I ask myself if I have anything. Then I'm all like 'What the fuck man, I was asleep,' but I drag my ass out of bed and get a jar to give to myself.

  5. Life's hard :/
  6. Nobody is stopping you from getting a safe place of your own and growing. I've earned it :)
  7. hahaha lmao:)
  8. usually i go to his house but he is a close friend of mine but he is super lazy and will only meet me if i buy $40+ worth :mad:. i always buy bymyself and no one is even around. a nono for me would be if their are cops around we usually go to like a local corner store that sells ciggeretts and candy and drinks and w.e. and we just go outside and buy it no one down here really cares if you have buy weed except the cops.
  9. How much does that cost? :rolleyes:
  10. Depends. My house was only a few hundred grand, but the stuff you need to grow you can buy for under $200.

    Work hard, stay out of trouble, and you too can grow quality cannabis in the privacy of your home! :eek:

  11. worst part is i always skimp myself, then get worried i laced it.
  12. Well for me it's usually i call him up, tell him what i want and we drive to meet at some random location. He hops in my car, we transact and i leave. It's pretty straight forward. Only advice i can give is never get in to a vehicle that has a bunch of people in it, always make them come to your car alone.
  13. usually at his house, hes a friend of mine from high school known him for like 5 years so its straight. or i just get it through a dude at my work

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