When the cop thinks he can beat you

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  1. Well it was a few weeks ago and I was pretty ripped. It was somewhat late at night, around 10:40 and I got a ticket. It was the standard

    "No officer you cant search my car"
    "No officer, I do not have anything illegal in the car"
    "No officer, I am not on drugs of any sort"

    This is all while I am a fair amount blazed after doing ~.7 grams. Well the cop "let me off" with a 18MPH over the speed limit speeding ticket. I just got a call from my sister yesterday that her boyfriends step dad (my sister has been going out with this guy for 6 or so years, they are 22) can pull some strings and get me off. I said I would be fine, and she said "Well 2 weeks ago Steve's cousin(Steve is her boyfriend) got arrested for crashing into a cop car while high on xanax and only had to pay a $120 ticket." I thought to myself "This will probably just get dropped then", so I am awaiting to see what happens. I also got this officers name, and I know that he hangs out around a skate park about 15 minutes from my house a lot, when I got pulled over I was 1/2 a mile from the park. After I go to court I think it would be appropriate to play the infamous N.W.A. song "Fuck the Police" extremely loudly near there, just for fun. The great part is I can be there as long as I want because the park is about 20 feet from the water and my friends dad owns a party boat, so I could use an amp and blast the music from there just to bug him.

    I just thought this was very nice of my sisters boyfriends dad to do. Anyone else have any ideas how I can get back at the guy?

    PS I was going 3MPH over the speed limit at the time, and the cop knew it because he didn't mark down the speed detection method on the ticket and refused to show me the gun.
  2. It's a speeding ticket. You'll get over it.
  3. the speeding ticket will be 4 points on my license, and since I am a young male they said my yearly rate could go up a fair amount of money(about $750) which I don't need. I know this isnt as exciting as some other stories, I just wanted to share and was wondering if anyone had some ideas.
  4. I was mainly pointing out that thinking of ways to 'get back at the guy' is an enormous waste of time given the severity of your punishment. If I were you I would consider myself lucky that I didn't get busted for driving high, take my licks like a man and move on.

    The insurance thing sucks but that isn't the cop's fault. Unfortunately the government has decided that you have no choice but to let those parasites gorge themselves on you if you want to use a vehicle.
  5. You could lead a huge as group of people, at least one hundred, all in crab walk position and surround him. Basically go from there.
  6. it wont hold up in court if he cant prove it....
  7. why do you really wanna get back at him? you didnt get in any trouble dumbass stop pushing your luck

    edit:: just think it woulda been worse if you didnt have that connect

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