When the bowl gets hot...

Discussion in 'General' started by Masta Bake, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Isn't it fucking hilarious when you pack a massive bong bowl (or any kind of glass with a slide) and it gets in like 20+ hits and when people starting pulling the slide they almost drop it or scream because it's so hot. That shits funny :p
  2. Dropped pieces aren't that funny in my opinion.
  3. Duuuude not when someone drops them, but when people like scramble to put it back in the slide n shit. It's silly
  4. Rub hot bowls on jeans or carpet. It dissipates the heat crazy quick.
  5. haha sick, I didn't know that

    Kinda hard to do with a fatly packed halfbowl left
  6. i hate hot bowls! especially before i got a slide with a horn. Finger burns while talking a milk vid can be disastorous :(
  7. that's when the stoners are seperated from the posers.
  8. Bro, no dropped bowls arent funny...ever, and if its to hot i fist it like yesterdays news, i dont get why you'd scramble to put a hot bowl back into the slide.
  9. thats the great thing about a glass chameleon bowl. it doesnt get hot, but your lighter sure fkin does.

    but i mainly smoke blunts so :)

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