When talking LED, understand PAR

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  1. i came accross these lights that are fairly cheap on ebay and they are in the right spectrum.. according to what others have used t grow with.

    Basically "PAR" stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation...

    It just means the portion of the visible spectrum of light that a plant can use to grow....

    Conventional grow lights (High Pressure Sodium Lamps, Metal Halide and Compact Fluorescent type bulbs) give out, at best, about 20-30% PAR...

    This means for every 1000w you are burning only 20 - 30% of these older types of light are actually emitting light of the right type for efficient plant growth..

    these led grow lights claim to be 100% PAR...

    Every watt of light they emit can be used by plants
    for efficient growth...

    heres the link check it out and let me know what you think... im thinking about buying two panels.. its only 150 bucks for two.
  2. there is no link, but if thats correct, thats awesome.
  3. They may have better PAR (on paper) but just don't give the light intensity required to grow decent plants (at least not from the grows i've seen)

    leds have a few very nice features (especially the normal led's not high output 1w+ ones)

    -silent (does require low voltage ballast which is usually silent)
    -little to no heat (can be placed litterally touching the tops of the plants usually)
    -more energy efficient (lumens/watt)
    -much greater lamp life

    but even though L.E.D's are very cheap to buy most of the pre packaged led grow lights are horribly over priced for what they are (although some places have somewhat decent prices and some can be found on ebay and stuff built by people with the knowledge to build them from parts)

    and any comparison i've seen of HID vs LED lighting (even when matching the wattage, as indicated on the led website e.g. 10w led = 100w hps) the LED plants are not even close, even if some electricity was saved which may not even be a saving considering the lost bud weight and the initial cost of LED lighting.

    just an opinion...

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