When start feeding my plans?

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  1. Hey cannabis growers
    I want to ask question that i see many
    Opinions about the feeding.
    First of all, my soil is:
    High quality and acidic soil mixed specifically according to the exact specification that meets all plant requirements. Soil based on peat, perlite and coconut fiber in the appropriate doses enriched with bormicolite and humus. Especially dark soil, with excellent drainage to prevent water from being hoped for the ideal development of the root system.

    -And my nutrients is Canna terra vega (veg)
    Canna tera flore (flowering)
    Also got PH up+down.

    On Canna chart they said to start feeding from day 3-5 and then weeks 1-3
    Some of the peoples said that the soil got enough nutrients for the beginning of the plant growth, so only fr the 3rd level start feeding them.

    Can someone help me here please, when to start?

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  2. A peat, perlite, and coco mix is not soil and contains no nutrients like soil. I would start feeding lightly from the first day they sprout - but that's just me.
    Good luck.
  3. the soil i use feeds my plants for 4-6 weeks which is soil compost worm castings and pearlite mix
  4. So to go with the chart of canna? Start from day 3-5

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