When sould i repot my new plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CodisG, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. My plant is 10 days old in a little 4 by 6" pot its third set of leaves are coming out now and I I have read a million different people's opinions but I get my best results from all you fine fellows do what do you think
  2. As I'm doing man... wait till you see roots at the bottom drain holes of your pot and flip it into a new container. I just noticed mine has roots and I'm flipping it into new pots in 2 days. Oh... third set of leaves as well.
  3. Yeah I read something about that somewhere else but they were saying something about the roots coming right out of the bottom and I figured if that was the case wouldn't you damage the roots from pulling on them so hard or should I just see the roots threw the holes? Because I kinda do but then again I just watered like an hour ago and everything is pretty wet and brown right now haha but I'm watering just about every day to day and a half now
  4. Tip... transplanting goes a bit better if you let the medium dry out a bit before transplanting. Less mess and the roots don't get moved around too much.
  5. Hmmm...I've always been told that it needs transplanted when roots comee out the bottom. My dad, who has been growing for over 20 years, swears by watering the plant first and then waiting about 10 minutes and then transplanting. It can be messy, but I have only ever had one plant ever show signs of shock.
  6. I had the roots basically coming out of the bottom and from the time I posted this yesterday till now it was dry e nought but still kinda wet haha if that makes any sense but I had a new pot ready to go so I figured why not. It's been a few hours now and she isn't showing any signs like my last one did when I repotted it so I hoping everything went good
  7. You're right about the roots at the bottom. As for wet transplanting, I'll have to give it a try.... I can see it being beneficial to loosen the roots a bit so they can grab new grow. I'm using Coco Coir medium though and think that I might damage the roots since the coir is soo loose as it is.
  8. Transplant before roots get to the bottom if you want to avoid rootbound plants.

    Damp transplants are the easiest. Not too wet or it'll be sloppy. Too dry and it'll fall apart.

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