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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LTypeSupra, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Hey people. I'm new.....i just have a question and seek some advise!

    I love smoking. It's great, but for some reason. i get really really angry. one time i almost killed my friends for no apparent reason. Whats up with that? is it paranoia? any ideas? and thanks...

    U have a friend in PA...oh....soon moving to Indiana....im leading a shitty life and yeah....hit me up on the AIM people :)


  2. no dude i think that kiilling your friends and getting angry and shit is all you. i doubt pot has anything to do with it. if it does its just brining out your anger that you already have? am i wrong are you normally violent or angry?
  3. If you've already tried to kill your friends, I don't think we're the people you should be talking to. I don't think it's the weed, either. Sounds like you need anger management classes.

  4. I must agree with this.. Pot makes you more of a mellow person, not more agressive.. Paranoia would make you hide, or stay away from people not be agressive.

    You may have a personal problem.. It may be you need to see some one else..
  5. no, im never angry. i'm one of those happy, cheeery, perky, love life, never hurt a living thing, love to laugh and make people laugh kinda guys. ive never been angry about anything before. it was just weird. i mean it came out of nowhere. i mean when i get drunk im the same as i am when im sobber just about 10 times worse.

    and ive never had any serious personal problems...i think the worst thing thats ever happened to me was my gf of 4 yrs broke it off with me....but i didnt smoke during that time. so i dont know.

    im soo confused
  6. Maybe you should try to smoke by yourself one time. Just a little to get you high. That way, you can get to know "your high" a little better and find a way to still be social when you smoke.
  7. ya u mighta just been farked up
  8. Farked up? lol

  9. ya thats a good idea ..maybe your friends are just dumbshits? was this an isolated incident? or does it happen everytime?
  10. well..the 3 times ive smoked with friends, ive become violent. but if i do it myself, i get giggly, have a good time, make rap songs and beats, play video games, watch movies and stuff like that. but yeah...everytime i smoke with friends i do a 180*
  11. remind me to never pass the joint your way...

  12. lol is that cause they are annoying and do dumbshit (breaking thigns, making unwanted noise, spilling food and drinks) or are they just geinuenly annoying to the point that you want to snap their neck?
  13. it could be. lol...i like to laugh and have a good time and they get well...the smoke themselves retarded....and so i beat the hell out of them and went home and got a gun. the other time one of my friends wouldnt keep his mouth shut about my music...so i took a curtain rod...and the large spring thats in it...i wripped it out and chased him around with it :-D

    but still...should i laugh at their stupidity?
  14. man, i know exactley what u mean about annoying friends u smoke them selves retarded. they're no fun to be around with when ur high, my one friend has a low tolerance i guess and i didn't think it was that low, but we smoke a joint and a roach, and he couldn't just chill, he was so annoying. he would either break out laughing and be passing out. he wasn't at all 'chill'. hhaha, but i nver hit him or tried to harm him in anyway, even though he did basically ruin my high. next time u feel the anger rise up within u, take some deep breathes and count to a million, haha. PEACE!
  15. Yeah smoking with some friends is great...but when youve got 10 mates who dont like to buy weed and your the only one it kinda starts to suck...last night i just bought a 25er and was with 2 other mates so i like fuck yeah we'll have a nice sesh...then a few other mates started to call my mates...so we had to charf down them billies...but we werent quick enought....1 mate had turned up so i gave him the last cone then another mate turns up like 30secs after he finishs the cone comes inside smeels the weed and goes ohh whos got weed..whos been choppin and all this crap...i got ive got a lil bit and he just goes "You gona have another chop soon"?...i said no...so he started to pull the dead leaves of my mates plant and start to smoke them :S then after the 2 mates that came later go home...these 2 chicks from another unit come over and ask me to shout them....aleast they are only light weights....so i had another sesh with the 2 other original mates and the 2 chicks....only 1 cone per chick! nice

  16. hehehe me and you would have a great time smoking bud together if your really like that cuz me and my friends love to beat the living hell out of each other when we are high one of my friends actually shot me in the foot when we were high with a pistol and i snapped his arm in half we had fun but we were blazed out of our fucking minds ill tell ya you regret it afterwards though we spent the next 3 days in the hospital together that was some crazy ass shit
  17. its just a buzzkill
  18. ahah never fuck with BBguns or guns when HIGH .. did it last weekend when i went to wisconsin .. and got shot in the stomach ... was in the ER for 4 hrs getting Xrays and the bb is very close to my cavity and if it gets pushed in or if it gets infected i need surgery .. plus it hurts

  19. find new people to smoke with. the people i smoke with arefunny as hell when they're high.
  20. u got some problems man

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