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when smoking outside/nature...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brain_stew, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. what is your favorite peice/method for smoking and why?

    for me it would be either j's or a little bowl
  2. Outside I like j's or blunts.
  3. This may sound odd and inconvient to some, but I really like having a nice big bong outside in the woods with me. I wouldnt take out a nice $300 GonG, but I like using a glass percolated 1footer. If I'm smoking some dank it's easy to pack bowls and I just take a bottle of water to fill it with before heading out.
  4. i like bringing a nice colorful bowl. this was also the first time i got high when i was deep in some thick woos. i was by myslef chilin with a bowl named Lily. this was in the summer of my junior highschool year. was intense lol, mstly cuz i got lost though for about 4 hrs lmao :smoking::eek:
  5. For being out in nature I generally prefer my glass pipe, 1 hitter cigarette pipe, or a joint/blunt. Bongs are fun to smoke out of, but I do find them a bit cumbresome to be carrying them around, not to mention the risk of getting caught.
  6. When Me and my mates go for sesh's in the forest at night time we usually use a pipe or a can bong depends how high we are before we leave coz we quite often forget stuff like pipes and lighters when we're high.
  7. blunts are the best to me. There portable and if you can roll em right, can last a good 30 minutes out in the forest. Plus i thinks it better, maybe even safer passin a blunt around in the woods then a glass peice of some sort
  8. I like a nice fat joint while walkin down the street. But chilling out in the park with a pipe is just as wicked.
  9. My spoon or my Dugout. Once in awhile a joint.
  10. hell yea, blunts are my fav too, nice and portable
  11. Joints for me, I rarely use bongs anyway, but then again I usually smoke oudoors ;)
  12. If there was a way I could do it, I think I would like to take a bong out into nature. It seems like it would be really peaceful. But I can't because my piece of nature happens to be in the middle of the city, so I take a blunt and keep it moving.
  13. I like my chillum because of it discreetness but if I'm in the deep woods or something and want some filtration I bring my bubbler
  14. It is very peaceful. I don't know what it is, but hitting a bong out in the woods is just so euphoric. It is well worth the effort and inconvenience.
  15. Ahh I was thinking about this just yesterday, it was such a nice day I decided to roll me up a real fat joint, and smoke it by the pool, I live in Miami by the way, so after I just layed by the pool and enjoyed the weather, twas beautiful. All you need for a good outside toke is a quiet environment where you can only hear the trees blowing, a nice breeze, and some sun, and you're good to go, it really put me in a good mood for the rest of the day too.
  16. a corn cob pipe lol

    ...but seriously, i like to use wooden pieces in nature, i got this sick wooden bubbler that i got in egypt in those little markets, but the thing actually isn't a piece of shit it rips everytime, and there's no resin buildup.
  17. Joints are my favorite. I gotta be pretty stealthy when I smoke and I'm usually doing it on the go so Joints are perfect for that. I just pre-roll a few, some skinny ones for those before school tokes and a few phat coners for whenever I go smoke with friends or go to a party. There's a lot about joints that make them number one in my book. I'm glad I know how to roll so well, I cant imagine carrying a pipe and bag of weed around all the time. It's all about joints with me but on those occasions when the parents are gone I love loadin up the giant bamboo pipe.
  18. i love smoking outdoors, especially at night. it doesn't really matter what i use, but usually i prefer blunts or joints. as long as it's a peaceful place, with lot's of nature, i just kick back, relax and stare/wonder at the sky. :smoke:

    i can't wait for winter to end.. :mad:
  19. Man I think the same thing just about everyday...
  20. an old, wooden pipe of my dads

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