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When smoking alone...?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by flyershockey44, May 28, 2010.

  1. Do you guys still corner the bowl?
    Personally, I do cause it gives you more hits. But to each his own:smoking: what do you guys do when smoking alone?
  2. hell yes i corner!! its a fresh hit each time
  3. #3 ambientvapors, May 28, 2010
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    edit: like the others said, like when i'm not packing one hitters in the tube
    edit 2: haha whoops
  4. depends on the size of the bowl
    if its a fat ass bowl then yea but a sliider i just take to the dome
  5. hehe weird that i come on GC randomly tonight and see this,
    I was actually just thinking this the other day, like last night or something.

    But anyways yeah ill corner my bowls unless im gonna hit it in one lung.
  6. I still do. Greens always taste better.

  7. Hell ya
  8. For me, it depends.

    If I just want to chill or relax for a bit I'll corner it and make the bowl last. If I want to get blasted before some good food or a movie or anything real fun I'll torch everything and smoke the whole bowl in 3 or 4 hits and get real burnt.
  9. i started cornering by myself a little while ago, and it is definitely worth it for me
  10. i corner every time lol. i just blazed and got on here and saw this...props for coincidence lol. peace
  11. I've got a habit to corner the bowl, so I do it regardless if I'm alone or with others.
  12. it's a habit.

  13. Ya definitely, I dont remember the last time i didnt corner a bowl unless i just wanted to take a really fat bong hit
  14. Never when alone. I smoke bowls with a lot of tobacco in the bottom (80/20) so I have to light the whole bowl and snap it all in one breath.

    If I'm hitting a nice bong like the RooR I sold I'll hit greeners and corner the bowl but I still rip it in one hit.

    When I get my herb iron I'll probably corner more often since I can vape if I hold it near the bud and get a shitload of hits like that.

  15. I dont like smoking tabbaco with weed i think it ruins the great taste of dank, and due to the fact that I've never smoked tabbaco other than blunt wraps and I'd like to keep it that way haha, but I guess you get a buzz to haha:)
  16. oh, all this talk of "cornering" bowls... haha, y'all blades still in the days of yer youth, with enough physical strength left for compassion and tender consideration for your "bowls." Growing taller and setting root, this blade here long ago took to the heights of vaporization. Of course, SWIM, upon a visit to the west-coast, would not be against taking a tall, super percolated, ash-catchered, ROOR bowl of errls and hash and finest bud, to the dome in one fell swoop.
  17. You read my mind:wave:
  18. This^
  19. Cornering is always the way to go...especially when you're alone. I corner bowls before work all the time and it pays off big time when I can quit halfway through a bowl and still have some greens left to treat myself with when I'm done working.
  20. Can some1 explain what "Cornering" is?

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