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when smoking alone.....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gregwilder, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. how much weed do you usually use to get baked?
  2. A well-rolled, fatly packed king of some decent dope is enough to get me blazed
  3. i usually smoke 4-5 bowls over the course of a night to stay nicel;y platued

  4. This.

    And I do 99% of my smoking alone
  5. Hm about half a gram of dank? Mabe a little less.. Have a bowl before diner, a bowl after and a small one later on..
  6. A small bowl every two hours or so will keep me happy.
  7. however much is in front of me =]
  8. This. nice to see a fellow UK pikey :rolleyes:.

    That or a couple of fat bong rips to hang me for a couple of hours.
  9. 1/4 gram of hash does it for me.
    So does 1/4 gram of dank.
  10. [quote name='THC-Vapour']Nice to see a fellow UK pikeyQUOTE]

    "Theyre not pikeys are they? I fuckin hate pikeys.." - Tommy 'The Tit' - Snatch
  11. Just a nice bowl. I pefer pipes when alone because they are easy to puff and take your time on. Smoke probably one bowl and if you don't feel very high, pack another. Keep your bowls small when alone because you often use a lot less bud than you'd think. I obviously go through bud a lot faster when in a group. Try to just chill and have a good time.:smoke:
  12. usually one bowl in my bong. however lately it hasnt been keeping me high that long so i may up it.


    im excited
  13. Once I'm 1/3 through a good bowl I'm feeling pretty nice, and by the end of the bowl I'm flying
  14. 1-2 bongpacks, about .3-.5g of good bud, 1g of mids
  15. i try to keep it under an 8th a day
  16. i don't smoke till i'm high.... i smoke till i'm really high *****!! I usually bust out my bong and smoke a gram of purps
  17. under a quarter a day
  18. make like 3-4 bowls before i settle in to watch a movie or something.
  19. If I'm in a blunt mood I'll cut a Juicy Jay's in half and roll with that. It packs around .7-1 gram and gets me just finished. I'll do the same with joints. With a bong I'll just keep packing until I get high, usually .5 - 1 gram.

    All depends on the day, mood, time of day, plans, etc.
  20. Erm, thanks I guess...? :p

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