When should you replace a Ti nail?

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  1. I've had my ti domeless for a while now and was wondering what the life span is like. I clean it once every so often via ridding the bottom of any material and head it and submerge it in water (basically the seasoning technique).  Can a ti nail ever be used into submission? At what point do you replace a nail?

  2. heating and dropping in water is not a seasoning technique, thats not even good for your Ti. what kind of nail is it?
    It largely depends on how well you took care of it. If you heat the piss out of it every time you dab its probably not going to last long.
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    It's a KO domeless
    There was some large build up of some hash (guessing low quality) I bought it used... (came with my rig) 
    You're supposed heat it up and dip it into water, to that 4 or 5 times and season with dabs inbetween. This seasons a nail and takes off the oils left from manufacturing. Doing this once in a while doesn't seem to be that bad, besides it gets off all the other bull shit knowmsayin. I do understand that it is harmful to the overall structure of the nail, but i mean that's up keep for you. Things degrade over time. However at what point do you invest in a new one? How long should a nail last?
    Neither me nor the previous owner torched the nail. He was also a stickler about using butane torches too. Dude talked about the flame temperatures n shit.... I use that or my propane torch but don't heat it for the same amount of time i would with a butane torch. 

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