'When should you be able to shoot a cop?'

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  1. A good article a friend linked me:

  2. Whenever you want to as long as you are prepared to handle the consequences.

    I do not condone that behavior though.
  3. When he presents himself
  4. NEVER !, If the cop if bad/corrupt, the system has ways of dealing with it,

  5. more often than not its a pat on the back and a promotion.

    but i would never, ever condone shooting an officer of the law.
  6. really? tell me of these ways?
  7. Cops can kill innocent civilians and get away with it
  8. When I started reading this, I thought the author was an idiot. By the time I finished, my opinion completely changed.

    This is interesting as a "thought experiment," but I think the author comes across as too radical at parts. It's blindingly obvious that it would be moral to violently resist Nazis trying to take you to a death camp, and it's kind of hard to make the leap from "SS thugs" to what we typically think of when we hear "police officer" (well, for law-abiding citizens anyway...or people who only break the one law :smoke:). I mean, it's hard to get riled up over sobriety check points.

    I think the most shocking piece of information was that thing about the Indiana Supreme Court. As soon as I read that I opened up another tab and looked it up, because I literally couldn't believe it. I was sure the author got it wrong: that the ruling referred to legal searches and seizures, that it was about cops with warrants.

    Nope. In Indiana it is illegal to resist a law enforcement officer's attempt to enter your home, even if he has absolutely no reason for doing so.

    I still disagree with the premise that the problems of modern society are the fault of LEOs, and especially that the solution to societal problems is to kill cops. The author didn't say that necessarily, more like "if our society was like Pol Pot's Cambodia, it was be our duty to kill cops." But still, many people hold that sentiment and use this author's style of ideas to justify it. It's wrong. That's not where our society is today. There are dicks ruining this country, but they're in political offices and judge's chambers. Don't take it out on the guys who are paid to enforce the law, blame the guys who make immoral laws.

    And Fuck the Supreme Court of Indiana.
  9. Be pissed off at the cop... and continue to be "free".. aka not in jail.. and the cop continues being the asshole he is...


    Shoot cop.. go to jail for the rest of my life.. probably get treated like absolute shit by staff because i shot a cop.. all while the cop i shot sits at home collecting a heavy pension for being shot in the line of duty..

    I think I'll just avoid the whole situation.. Seems to me.. If I don't pay attention to them.. they don't pay attention to me.. and that's worked well for me so far
  10. The police are our friends good sir..........
  11. I believe that one should be able to shoot a cop under the same circumstances of which it is alright to shoot anyone else. A man has placed you or a loved one in serious danger, you must react in whatever manner you see suitable. In some instances, this may be violence.
  12. only if he's a zombie. and only if its in the romero universe. in the obannon universe you shouldnt bother shooting anyway. ;l
  13. All it would take is for someone to touch my mother. Pretty simple, really.
  14. When he is ass-raping yu..... No rubber
  15. Oscar Grant. Dude was handcuffed, on his stomach, and a cop took his gun out and shot him in the back of the skull.

    It would be 100% more then ethical to shoot that cop in the head right before he did that. But unfortunately, if you did, you would be labeled as a "cop killer" and sentenced to life in prison or death.

    Or Tyler Peterson. A cop who went crazy and murdered 6 innocent kids.

    But truth be told, they are just good examples. And Its VERY rare to find a suitable situation to kill a cop, and Id bet thousands of dollars, that none of you will ever be in one of those situations.
  16. I generally assume that the police are around for public safety, and do at least a decent job.

    That being said, I would the circumstances that lead to me shooting a police officer are the same as if he (or she) were a civilian. The officer would have to be doing some pretty bad stuff for me to draw my gun (just like any other person).
  17. lol @ the bump

    but really even if a citizen had a legit reason to shoot a cop they would still be thrown in the jail and the cop would get off with nothing. That's just how the US justice system works
  18. ^ I guess the answer then is once they've gone so far that you're willing to take the unfairness of that system right up your asshole.

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