When should one actually turn on the lights?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thebigglad, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Sup GC!
    I have a plant that has sprouted and it still has its seed shell on... I was wondering when I should officially turn on my CFL's, now, or when the seed shell breaks off and the leaves appear. This morning I turned the lights on when I woke up , around 7 and they have been on since. I plan on doing an 18-6 light so did the plant officially recognize the light at 7 or is the light completly unessecary right now?
    Get back to me. Thanks ahead of time GC.
    keep on blazin that shit up
  2. come on guys help a brotha out I've been dying to get a more experienced growers take on this question
  3. Cut them on

    run a little bit of cfl 24 hours when they start working on the set of leaves after the cotelydons (the first two green Leaf-like things that appear ) appear then switch it to 18/6 normal veg cycle :wave:
  4. I would keep the light on 24/0 for the first week or so, then turn it down to 18/6. If you turn the light off while it's still really young the seedling could stretch or grow crooked and not be too happy. Other than that, i'd invest in a timer, set it to 18/6 in a week or so, and let 'er rip.
  5. thanks guys
  6. Good advice from both these cats. Also invest in a small fan, just enough to make the stem vibrate a little bit. This builds stronger stems. V
  7. will do thanks for the advice

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