When should it go into flowering?

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  1. Hey GC, now I know this seems like a noob question, but my plants have never been slower!

    I started them off indoors but then moved them outside right after the first set of five fingered leaves showed up.

    It's been two weeks, the plants are like a foot and a half, it's got 4 sets of five fingered leaves, starting to get shitloads of Secondary nodes, and they're about two and a half months old. Mostly when I grow, they're up to atleast 2.5' at that age, and I usually grow indoors...

    Could this be because of the strain? I just got some really good bag seed, so I just didn't know...

    All of my grower friends said that when they grow, it takes them LONGER; up to a month longer to get it that big, and I says to them back "What the hell?" .....


    Any ideas?
  2. Size and growing rate are determined by a HUGE amount of factors in my experience. What kind of system did you have indoors? Is it potted or is it planted in the ground? If potted, how big is the pot? How much sun is it getting a day? Are you feeding it properly? Are there other plants around it that are restricting root growth? Does the outdoor environment you have it in mimic (or is it at least similar) to the environment you had inside? How long since you moved them outside?

    If you just moved them outside not too long ago, they could just be adjusting to their environment. Last year I did the same thing, and growing seemed to halt for a week or two after I moved them outside.

    Most likely it's the strain you're growing, or the environment you're growing said strain in.
  3. Oh yes yes yes, I know how to feed them, and they look great.
    The soil Ph is at around 6.4 to 6.9.
    The nutes are 16-8-10.
    And I'm growing in Scotts Potting Soil.

    I think it's just the strain.
  4. once your babies get adjusted to being outside you'll see rather rapid growth, when i put mine outside they were all on their 2nd node, baby leaves were just starting to fall off.. 3 weeks later im on the 6th node. watch out for grasshoppers if you live in the south, those lil fuckers will eat just about every part of your plant.. my personal recipe for getting rid of grasshoppers is a 50/50 mixture of vegetable oil/liquid dishwashing soap (dawn preferably and uncented) oh and throw about a teaspoon of tabasco in w/ it. for some reason they tend to hate it.
  5. Yeah, cool, hey thanks guys, because when i usually grow, it's indoors and I can controll the lighting mediums and when to flower.

    Thanks for the info, this is only my 2nd time outdoors, but really like my 10th harvest
  6. Yeah I'm glad to help bud. Outdoor growing is relatively lax...aside from the stress of not being able to control factors like rain and sun. But yeah, when it comes down to it, it's a weed and'll fight pretty hard to keep surviving, especially when outside.

    Good luck, and may your yield be plenty


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