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  1. I have sprouted a plant in my pc grow case and it has been under 24-0 light for about 3-4 days and was wondering should i start giving it darkness? like a 16-8 schedule? and fyi im doing a scrog grow X)

  2. If you switch it will begin to grow in height.

    Personally though i am not a fan of the 24 because they need dark cycle to grow and set hormone levels accurately. So id go ahead and switch it and begin preparation for topping or super cropping slash what ever technique you prefer over the next 2 weeks.

    good luck
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    You don't need to switch, you can stay at 24/0 all throughout the veg cycle. It basicially comes down to the growers' personal preference if they want to veg at 18/6. Some do because they believe it more closely mimics nature. Some stay at 24/0 because artificial lamps do not provide as much light as the sun, so they want to give their plants all the light they can.

    It is simply a personal preference, do a grow vegging at 24/0 and another at 18/6 to see what you like. For me, I've been keeping my clones at 24/0 and my mother plant at 18/6. I keep my mom on 18/6 to try and stunt her growth a bit. Once my clones are ready to veg I'll veg them at 24/0 until I switch to 12/12.

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