When should i??@@@!!

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  1. When should I flip them????

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  2. when u want...
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  3. I hope you have a lot of light.
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  4. Defoliate all, LST branches to side of pots and whack them into 12/12.
  5. My light I am using is mars cree 256 you think tie them down them flip them?
  6. It depends on how much headroom you have left. They are going to get at least 50% taller and twice the volume in flower. I like to grow them big. You'll get a nice yield if you veg them extra long. Don't stress.
  7. Thanks for response! I got plenty head room gunna let them go longer about when you flip yours and you think they will stretch that much all indica??
  8. 10-11 weeks or so. This was my last plant at flip. It's a crystal (white widow x northern lights) in sunshine promix fed with GH nutrients, 7 gallon smart pot for only a week or so.
    Vegged with 2 90 watt CLW vegmaster 110's in a 4x4.

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  9. Dude, get those wires and power strip off the damn floor! You're going to spill water when you water your plants and kill yourself or burn down your house. Flip them whenever the hell you want to factoring in the stretch.
  10. Lol ya it's a mess cleaning that's why there on the floor in first place thanks for replying guys

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