When should I water?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ViiRuS, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Setup : 400w Lighting
    Pot : Medium Size
    Strain : OG Kush

    Question :

    I'm a little confused, I was growing two plants, but I over watered one, now I'm scared to give the other one too much water.

    It's probably be around 4 days since I watered this one, here's a picture of her :
    (Sorry for the bad image quality, iPad 2's camera is not what it should be.

    Do you think she needs more water?

    Also, one of her leaves is slightly ingrown, is that okay?

    Sorry, I fucked up on my last plant now I'm really worried about everything.
    Thanks in advanced for any posts.
  2. you should water whenever the soil is dry no need to use a lot of water since the plants roots are not that deep yet but every time the soil is dry water and you might wanna add a small amount of nutes (1ml per gal) will speed up growth be careful with seedlings very fragile 400w will cook a seedling might wanna use cfls just for seedlings
  3. It looks like that plant is stretching and looking for light. If you can do so without heat damage, get your light closer.

    As far as watering, seedings dont take that much. I water about every two to three days. You can stick your finger in about an inch or so down. If it is dry, water if it is really moist, wait. You can also water, pic up your container and see how heavy it is. When it gets lighter, it is time to water again. The first method works better for me.

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