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  1. When should I turn the lights too flowering? They have been in vegg for about 3 weeks, they are around 2-2,5" high... and 7-8 inch wide!!! Think they are so low and wide because I've got the reptile lights realy close.. they are on the plants and they realy like it:)!! And they dont get warm at all, and sends out 10,000 kelvin. lots of red and blue specra + I've got 2 clf's hanging on side of the ramp.. I'm going to switch to my 600w HPS when they are ready for flowering! There are 3 bagseeds and 5 white widow. next week at 28/08 they are exactly 3 weeks old from sprouting out from soil. Dont have any hight limits, have nearly 6 foot of growing limit, minus the stance from hps lamp. Should I wait untill they get bigger before I turn lights?
    What is "regular" before start flowering, is it 10 inch or even moore? Thanks for helpin' me out // ClubCueCas
  2. Forgotten... havent added any nutrients yet! have limited growing area. 3x3 foot wide.. and dont have space for them all... IF they come out as females all 8 of'em ;) I must be wierd, but im only hopping to get 4 females not more! so I can transplant them in to 10 liters pots...so can I sex them soon?
  3. Gday bud,

    I would say they are a wee bit small to start flowering yet though it is possible! I recon get them to about a foot if your desperate to start flowering.

    Give em another 2 weeks and you will see some serious vegative growth.....especially if height isnt a problem!!!

    The great thing about growing indoors is that you can control your environment so it really is up to yourself when you start flowering. Just remember to take some cuttings before you switch to flowering. Its a very easy process and ensures that you have healthy plants ready to grow (and I mean grow...cuttings grow much better than from seeds).

    Wide plants (i like to call em bushes) are good =) Its probably the white widows....they are designed genetically like that.

    Hope this helps and best of luck with your grow!

  4. Hey milsy: even though you just joined this site, you seem to know your stuff. i'm sure more than one person will benefit from your informative response.
  5. yupp ok, I'll wait a bit then! Havent recived... been laisy to go and get my 600w hps. gonna fetch it next week when girl comes home with the car. Then I have time to bild my "cooling cabinet" or just buy an cooltube!?! Untill the grow become bigger :) How big is the chance to get more then one female? need atleast one moore ;) // ClubCueCas Thanks for helpin' me out
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  8. Awwww, thanks headshop, always great to get a compliment :)

    But I am as guilty as others in that I have killed a few plants in my grows.....but meh, its how we learn.

    Cheers again!
  9. HIgh aLL, so I did so and now I figured out that 5 of them are female... and 3 males that have been thrown away! ¤4 is defently females...but 1 of them might be a homofrodite.. dont know accualy. So how it looks now from experince I think it looks like ball sacks with female hairs on 1 of them!!!
    Shold I wait a bit longer before I throw it away ?? Dont need any hermies.
    2nd thing is that I took 4 cuttlings today also... not from that plant! // ClubCueCas

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