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  1. i have 10 plants that r coming up on a week old i am wondering when i can plant them outside i have been told the 3rd node but im not exactly sure what that is i would love to see some pics of wut my plants should look like when i can plant them outside but i have them under a 25w floro rightnow that produces over 1400 lumens of light i will be planting them where they get alot of sunlight 10 feet away from a lake i have also been told once it comes to the 3rd node i have to water it hella alot

    1 other question i have seen alot of pics and the cotyledons bearly come out of the soil but befor they start on mine most of the plants have a good 2-3 inches of stem i dont kno if this is good or bad or just because of the strain of pot i kno this isnt the right forum but i was posting my first question here so i figured y not?

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  2. for the long stems it could be strain, but mostly due to your lights being too far away from the plant. as for when to plant, you should just place the stem inbetween you middle and ring fingers and hold the cup upside down till the dirt comes free. If you see roots, take them outside. you cant ALWAYS tell wen to transplant from looking at the tops. 1 last thing is since there use to bulbs, the sun will be pretty brutal on them so make sure for the first few days of being outside you keep them shaded so the sun doesnt shock them.
  3. thx dude i still want to know more about the 3rd node wut that is and is planting after that appers important

    but more importantly tomarrow is 420
  4. the third node is just a rule of thumb. what it means is how many sets of leaves there are. On cannibis, as ull see on your plants, two leaves will grow on opp. sides of the stem. then wen it grows more. another set will grow on opp. sides but 90 degrees around the stem. each set of oppisite leaves is a node so, the third node just means there are 3 sets of leaves on your plant. judging by how tall you plants are, the third node could be pretty tall so i would do the soil check like i explained. another thing i would tell you is to tie down the plant. if youd like i can expain how but it will help your plant greatly b/c yours will look loke a palm tree within a few weeks (not really bad but it could get a lil top heavy and will block off undergrowth. errrrr i wish i could grow now but couldnt get a hold of any seeds.

    cant wait to see how she does!!!
  5. do the little round leaves count at the fisrt node

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