When should i transplant D:

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  1. It's uh, 10 days old today,
    and I'm wondering when should it be transplanted, I have FFHF soil but I heard that it could burn burn seedlings... D:
    Any ideas on what I should do...?
    And when I should do it ???

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  2. An the very lower two leaves are turning yellow, I heard it happens but this soon :/ am I doing anything wrong?
  3. Uh how often you been watering it. Any nutrients? What soil?

    Probably over watering. If not your using shit soil.

    If that's not it then maybe it's your water..too high of ph is usually the problem.

    What do you think the problem is bro?
  4. Hey man, lookin good so far! The bottom leaves as you call them aren't leaves, they're called cotleydons or "seed leaves" they're supposed to die, and this early is fine. As far as transplanting goes, i grow in soilless mix for veg and then switch to hydro so i'm not sure if it would burn the seedlings. What i do know is that you could grow that plant in that pot for a month without it becoming root bound, i grow mine in red cups for three to four weeks. As far as nutrients go, the plant will need them once it has three leaf sets, i recommend transplanting it then.
  5. Oh I thought you said bottom leaves not two leaves. Yeah those should just fall off like ^^^ said.

    You can transplant whenever you like.. I usually do when my plant is falling over lol
  6. Phew lol thanks you guys :D

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