When should I top?

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  1. Hi guys, i have a nice little plant going and i was wondering when it would be a nice time to top it, or if its already time. I know topping for first timers isn't recommended but im pretty confident i can handle it
    Let me know what you guys think and thanks for reading!

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  2. Also, i know its heat stressed bad on a couple leaves, it gets 90+ here and growing inside isnt an option for another month or so :/
  3. Why wouldnt it be recommended? It's not like it's difficult. You could top that plant if you want.

    I used to top but no longer do. Lst does the same thing only better. Instead of just 2 new tops, every node along the bent branch becomes a new top. Best of all, you dont have to remove an already formed top. It wasnt easy for me to stop topping as that's how I was shown and spent 20+ years doing but I'm glad someone finally talked me into it.

    Theres nothing wrong with topping though, not topping is just my preference now.
  4. Whenever you want. Depends on style
  5. I get what you're saying, by just providing light and air to the growth tips, they become colas without having to top your plant. That actually sounds more effective to be honest, could you maybe show me or link me to an example, or is this something i should wait to learn down the line? I appreciate the feedback and I might top it soon idk
  6. No it does not just take air and light. When a plant is bent it redirects hormones from the main cola to lower nodes to form new tops

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