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When should i top off my plant?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Revenge, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. my plant has 2 sets of leaves with 3 pedals on each one and a third set is coming up, its about 4 inches tall the pedals are pretty big about an inch long(the bottom set)

    when should i top it?

    and also how much should i be watering it? my leaves look a little droopy, too much water? or something else causing this?

    any help is very appriechiated or how ever the fuck you spell that word lol

    PS this is my first grow, so any additional information would also be awesome

    thanks in advance
  2. Hey man, u can top anytime after ur third leaf set, just make sure u give the plant enough time to recover before u switch it over to 12/12 (usually a couple days).

    droopy leaves usually does mean overwatering, i dont how much and how often u water but u should usually do it every 3 days or so. u have to check if it needs it tho before u water, so stick ur finger an inch or so down into the soil and see if its wet at all. if its totally dry give it a watering.

    hope this helps u out
  3. thanks man, ive been watering about evry other day when the top of the soil looks dry, ill wait a couple more days and how long after i top it should i wait to switch into 12/12? i was gonna switch imediatly after topping, thanks alot for answering my questions
  4. just a few days, when u can see that the growth is doing ok
  5. okay awesome so chop the third set then wait til growth replenishes then switch into 12/12?

    is there any nutes or anything else i should be giving the plant after i switch to 12/12?

    or just let it go? it looks really healthy besides the little bit of drooping but that should be under control in a few days

    thanks again
  6. thats right, just make sure u know where to chop.

    since its ur first grow be careful with nutes, their tricky. i wish i could tell u a good brand and exactly what to do but i have never used nutes. ur best bet is doing some research on here, maybe in the grow guides. check what other people are using and how it worked for them.
  7. im just not gonna fuck with nutes this time, maybe next grow

    is there any special way to chop besides in the right spot? i dont have to like prep the arewa or anything right? just chop it with the sharpest thing i can find right?

  8. chop at the yellow line with sharp, clean scissors.

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  9. should i top the third set before the pedals grow in right now they're just coming up should i wait another day or 2 or chop it now?
  10. what does topping mean, and what is the purpose of it?
  11. Plenty of options under search, check em out before posting.
  12. so when i top my plant it will start to bush out correct? like grow wide and round instead of straight up?

    and when i switch into 12/12 since my pot is small it should only take 2-3 months before harvest i want it to be small but potent how long should i leave it on 12/12 for?
  13. when you top your plant it will grow 2 tops (main colas)

    If you want them short, round and bushy top them & let them veg a few weeks

    lst the new main stems for a few more weeks and you'll have a bush

    If you top and flower early you end up with 2 decent sized colas but not really what I would call a bushy plant

    that takes many more weeks of veg but is well worth the wait cuz your yeild will be quite a bit higher...

    good luck!

    Learn to grow well, then it's easy to learn to grow better.
  14. yes idealy i would love to let it veg for a few more weeks, but the box i have to grow in is only 1.5ft x 1.5ft x 3.5ft high so i kinda need to switch into 12/12 as fast as possible, and im not worried about the yeild i just want to learn now before i set up a huge grow and go in over my head before i know all the problems and the right way to do it

    thanks everyone for all the help i hope to get a decent plant maybe 10-14 inches tall, with a 4-8 gram yeild
  15. hey for nutes i use Aurora Roots. they have a veg formula called "Budda Grow" and a flowering formula called "Budda.Bloom". They work great! My plants grow like 2 inches a day in veg. and my buds grow big and dense too. google it, prices arnt bad either. peace
  16. lmao @ hoping for 4-8 g yeild :eek:
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  17. haha. that is funny but at least he isn't expecting like 4 ounces like everyone else starting out...
  18. Hey man cool, this is very good way to explain topping, people make it complicated when they leave out the info, this is the good stuff people should take into memory. Thanks agian.
  19. I have had my plant in 12/12 for a few weeks and the top cola is big and stinky and really crystely if course. the HPS400 is VERY close, because the room is so cold like 50F- 60F on average. I just cut the top cola off the plant and let it dry, its still hanging, But what will my plant do now. Will it grow 2 colas, or just did i cut of the bud, I feel i may have topped WAY to late, but it should be okay, i know it wont die, but is this gonna make two colas.
  20. sub, your plant will just create two nug's side by side now...not very big ones but two decent ones..

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