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When should I text my dealer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kelbie18, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Texted my dealer yesterday at  6, he rang me at 8 saying 'give me like an hour' so I said ok. But then he never rang or texted me back so I texted him at 10 like 'you still good or?' but he never text back. He's not usually this unreliable but I'm kinda annoyed, would it be fine to text him again today like 'you good now?' I don't wanna annoy him but it's been over a day and he's not got back to me.
    Any advice?

  2. When you need some weed.

    But on a less sarcastic note if it was me I would call him.
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    I have this happen a lot to me and it does get annoying but you gotta understand that dealers have lives too, they have errands to run, and places to go, or maybe they're just really bad at replying.
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    How much are you buying? If you're just picking up a couple of gs, he's probably prioritizing people ahead of you. Ask for a qtr or a half.. Hell ask him to buy an oz and watch how quickly he answers you

    You also have to remember that on top of having lives, most dealers' phones are ringing off the hook

    Happy toking!

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    Yeah I know when I get a lot of texts/calls I don't really remember to check and reply to them all.
  6. Dude, text him or call him. Its completely understandable to text back a dealer after a whole night, Its not like they are assholes. They arent gonna hate you for asking them if they can sell you something......but yes they do have lives, families, and even second jobs. Maybe he was blazing with his boys all night jajajajaj. Who knows.
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  7. Yeah I just texted him once now and we'll see. I get that he has a life and all plus I only usually buy eighths but he did say he was gonna hook me up and he's never usually this slow. Gonna try and find someone else just in case. 
  8. Heh. I know the feeling

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412613449.221169.jpg

    Happy toking!

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  9. I text my guy 30 minutes past what time he says he'll be around. Then once more an hour later if he doesn't respond. Past that I say fuck it and go to sleep.
  10. I'm usually not too persistent, because I trust my guy is eventually going to come through. 
    He's just a busy dude, with a lot of people coming and going. 
    However, if he had told me he'd hit me up at 8 and then the next day I still didn't have a response from him, I would try again. 
    It's not like you're asking him to buy it for you after-all. They have to sell it to smoke it, so you're actually doing them a favor in most cases.  

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