When should I switch to flower?

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  1. Hi all, I have a northen lights girl that I had from seed (the big girl) and 2x zkittles and 1x gorilla zkittles (the 3 smaller ones) the NL has been going nearly 2 months now and the little girls are day 22 from seed today they look really healthy and all have about 4 nodes with bottom branches starting to grow. I really need to flower the NL before she gets too big for my tent, I have a 1x1x2m tent and am running a 600w hps if I were to put the whole tent on 12 12 what could I expect to yield per small plant? Like what could the best/worst case scenario be. I will be using jungle juice 3part and plan to add a bloom booster during flower

    Thanks in advance


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  2. It look as if you have a few issues that you might want to address before flipping to flower.
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  3. They look over watered with little drainage.
  4. What makes you think they are over watered if its because of the fan leaves being downward I have all big fan leaves tucked down and have bent and secured all this is my 1st grow BTW haha
  5. Too many variables in between now and then to answer as to yield.
    I would let the little ones go a couple weeks longer.
    Also you are going to need a trellis net or something to support your bigger plant in flower.

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