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When Should I Swallow The Pills?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Crackhead420, May 22, 2013.

  1. Ok, so I'm making a few cannabis oil pills by using the no heat method with olive oil (don't say it won't get me high because I want to see for myself and worst that can happen is I don't get high in which case I can smoke some), I am using between 0.5-0.7 grams of dank and injesting the pills on an empty stomach and as I recall from other forums the higher the dose then the longer the high, I have never used edibles before so I have 2 questions, firstly what's the earliest time they can possibly take to effect me and secondly if I want to be completely sober before coming home how many hours should I take them before entering my house?
  2. It's probably different for everyone but when I've taken them before they took around 2 hours to take effect, so take them like 2 hours before you go out then maybe come back 4-5 hours later.
  3. Thanks, so if I take them at 5pm and return at 12 midnight then no one would notice I was high when I return home?
  4. Empty stomach is not recomended for weed. Should have a small to medium oily/fatty meal 1 to 2 hrs prior.
    and no bake method, so you're going to wait 6-8 weeks for full potency right? 4 weeks would be rushing it in my opinion. So I really wouldn't do less than 4weeks if you want some good edibles.
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    um the shortest period of time they can take effect is fairly instantly but realistically give a hour 3-4 hours is usually the norm for me on edibles but you should plan for extra as at times they can last far longer
    Edit: 7 hours is prolly long enough
  6. I always heard an empty stomach is good for digesting weed so it will be the only thing digested and your stomach will concentrate on that therefore you get more thc, however I guess Ill have a bag of crisps or something then and yes I researched that and 4 weeks is a good time, tbh though Im leaning more to 5 weeks but Ill see, thanks
    Ahh ok thanks cause I want to take them while Im in my house but if I decide to leave just as they hit me will my parents notice or will the buzz just be low and unnoticeable till it builds up?
  7. I agree with what BudButler said. Couple hours. And I prefer to have a small meal in my stomach before eating edibles.
  8. Hmm ok yhh, Ill just have a light snack then
  9. Try to make it something with high fat content. Like a PB sandwich.
  10. Ahh ok what about crisps? and I thought the cannaoil was enough fat :L
  11. I mean yeah you could eat chips. IMO when ingesting THC the more fat the better, that's why I said a PB sandwich.

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