When Should I Start Nutes On My Babies?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by small grower, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Hello everyone. I have 2 plants, I had them in red solo cups from seed for 2 weeks.  I transplanted them yesterday into 2 gallon buckets. I have 2 strains, I have a black destroyer and a punky lion. I was wanting to know when is the correct time to start feeding them? black destroyer 3.jpg punk lion 2.jpg

  2. let them recover for a few days and start 1/4 mix depending on what your using others would know more than me for sure
  3. Generally 3 weeks from seed if a good time to start feeding, and as curbhead mentioned, a low dose is a good idea for the first one.
  4. In my opinion nutrients are for helping a plant that is in obvious bad health already. With a store bought soil they shouldn't be necessary.

    Outdoors, you can feed a plant without worry and give it a large dose. The rain will naturally flush the roots and the plant only takes what it needs. Outdoors, you can expect good results and jumps in growth after feeding.

    Indoors, it's very easy to over feed and cause issues that are hard to pin down and diagnose. The result is that you would need to flush the pot which stresses the plant and slows your grow. I'd suggest that it's not really worth the risk.

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