When should I start LST on an outdoor auto?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Hamjack, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. My seedlings are almost 3 weeks old and looking pretty good. I'm going to try tie down LST on these two to maximize yield. When is it safe to start bending and tying? IMG_3494.JPG IMG_3495.JPG
  2. It all depends on your time frame and goal. I started very early so had way more options. You on the other hand might be limited so prob forced to do it where youre at right now. Before I started my grow I blueprinted everything in my head. Height, width, and length. My goal was to build a 5' by 6' canopy with just 2' of height. After it reached about 18inches I never let anything grow taller than 22". I would just pull everything to the side.
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  3. If I wanted it to be taller then I would have waited a little longer to train. And if I wanted to mainline the plant then I would have started way earlier. I guess it all depends on your shape goal
  4. Yep I'm definitely a fan of short plants with large canopies... none of my plants will break 20" in height but they still have plenty of bud on em in my opinion.

    Being outdoors it's just all preference man just whenever you want you could start now or in a couple weeks... my last grow I waited until my plant was a foot tall and bushy to start training and I still made a nice canopy haha

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  5. My decision to start a late outdoor grow was simply a desire to try an outdoor grow while I still had time this year. I have a years stash already in house and will start an indoor grow once cooler weather gets here, so this is a fun grow rather than a necessary grow. I think I'll start LST this weekend and see how it goes.
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