When should I start giving nutes?

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    So I had a second plant but it just kind of withered away sadly. However this other plant I have seems to be thriving quite a bit. So far I think it's been 3 weeks since I've planted and I'd just like to know when I should start feeding this plant some extra stuff. I'm currently growing in fox farm ocean soil. Also is that tan spot on that leaf to the right alarming?

    Thanks for any advice!

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  2. It's still a baby and is nowhere near ready to be fed. Until it's had time to use up some of the nutrition that is naturally in the soil straight out of the bag, giving it more "food" will just burn it. We don't give ours nutes until after they've gone through Solo cups, into 1 gal pots, potted up into 5 gal or 7 gal and have been growing in that soil for a few weeks. Let them use up some of the fresh nutes before you start and when you do start, start at a much diluted dose. You can always put more in, but you can't take them back out once you put them in. So better to use too little than too much. If you're using a good quality grow soil, the need for tons of additional plant food (nutes) is decreased as the prepared soils can feed them for quite awhile. Know this: Nutes feed plants. Light grows plants. Put the concentration on giving your plant the best lighting possible and read up on nutes before giving anything. The more you understand about what the plant needs at different points in it's life, the better results you will get when feeding. But just pouring chemicals in because some nute company said you needed to usually just results in burned plants. Light makes the difference in the rate of growth and bud production. Nutes just feed a plant and unless your plant is actually in need of them, it's not helping to give them. If your overall coloring of plant foliage is that pretty rich blue/green we associate with a healthy MJ plant, yours is likely just fine. If you start to see color differences in the foliage like it gets overall too dark green, that is nitrogen toxicity...too much nitrogen. A washed out yellow plant is usually hungry or is suffering from lockout due to pH issues. Keeping the water and feed you give within the correct range makes a huge difference in how fast your plants grow and how well they produce. But make sure you test with a reliable instrument. The more plants you grow, the better you get at it. There's a whole lot of stuff to learn when first starting out and it just takes time to absorb it all and have it make sense. Your plant looks very healthy right now but unless it's an auto, it's a bit late to be starting plants this time of year. They'll go straight into bud....unless they're auto strains. TWW
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  3. Thanks for the info. I've been struggling to get help with my plants but I'm glad to hear they are healthy as of now. But if you could help me with one more question it would save my life. I'm pretty sure my plant is starting to get spider mites already and I really don't want to lose the plant when I finally got one to grow this far. I was planning on buying Spinosad to get rid of them but since you seem well educated I'd like to know if you have any recommendations of ways to keep pests of my plant. I've also just learned to today that it's a female so I'm REALLY trying to keep my plant alive.

    As for the time I do wish I would've planted earlier but this is all more for the experience than harvesting but ya know.....harvesting doesn't hurt lol

    Thank you for the help so far though

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  4. Yep if anything just 5 ml Cal Mag. Start slowly with nutes. The plant will let you know if it wants more.
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    This plant is growing in quality soil. It's been outside since the weekend before mother's day. The only thing I've fed it is water. I have given the soil a booster shot 2 times with molasses and compost tea. So in 3 months I guess I've fed it twice.
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  6. Great advice! One thing to decide is organic or not. Makes a big difference.... The nutes I use won't burn within reason....

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